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Devil's Chord

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I spent today making this, for some reason. Then I realized there was a KOTM today. I am retroactively declaring this a KOTM project. It makes music. Illegal music. Diabolic music. Okay, by that I actually just mean there are tritones involved.

Source code:

Decoder ring:

Click a ring to increase pitch by one semitone
Right-click (or shift-click) a ring to decrease pitch by one semitone
Ctrl-click a ring to disable or enable it
Left and right arrow keys to speed and slow the alternator
R key: Reset everything
B key: Reset alternator, leave notes unaffected
Number keys: Load notes: (1) Tritones (2) Tritones [shifted up 3] (3) Tritones [descending] (4) Tritones plus tritones shifted up 3 (5) Hum (6) Higher hum (7) High buzzing (8) Pentatonic scale (9) Major chord (0) Liz's chord

Mac and Windows versions included.

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The Nervous System (1)


This ran over. I started at 4, when I was supposed to start ("started" loosely, I sat around being fucked up for half an hour) but instead of finishing at 6 I finished at 8. Oh well!

This is a prototype for a more complicated game I'm planning to make and name The Nervous System. In its current form, it's basically a slightly weird form of Snake.

Mac and Windows versions included. My score was 25.

EDIT: PS, source code

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Unplayable Asteroids

Screen shot 2011-11-19 at 2.45.41 PM.png


Okay so after my failed attempt last night to make this as a rules-following 2-hour entry I persevered, and managed to complete the game I intended to complete despite discovering interesting limitations in Polycode/LUA such as (1) you can't remove objects from a physics space and (2) you can't have objects that aren't squares. This was made between 9 PM Friday and 3 PM Saturday and is the first program I have ever made in Lua.

Attached: UNPLAYABLE ASTEROIDS. This is the standard Asteroids we all know, except without the convenience that the new asteroids spawned when an old asteroid is destroyed are smaller than the old asteroid. You'll get the idea quickly

Source code: attached version is rev 0522ef253dfd

EDIT: I forgot to mention the stone textures are from

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