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February 2003


This is a game we've been working on for 5 years.

Link to the original event

To use the UPDATE, just add your save from your game to the new game folder.


  1. mysterious men don't reappear
  2. Meta Zita quest fixed
  3. chicken roof fixed
  4. a few new secrets
  5. fixed horse bug
  6. different worlds game
  7. added cutscene

ihavefivehat, everythingstaken, FirecatFG, gus, sergiocornaga, Capt_hastings-Chrissy, clyde
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this is my entry for bo-tober.

i put it together in RPG Maker over the course of a few evenings.
it's not very long and it's very easy, but i still had fun making it.

You are Captain Spoops! The legendary heroine​​!
You are out to defeat your very spooky nemesis: THe big spooky!

have fun!

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gun knife sword wife

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.52.05 PM.png

rated M for real being real edgy

the grim reaper himself
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skeleton pinball

880 skeletorn.png

ahh its a skeleton

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Spooky Scary Skeletons


Who knew skeletons were so easily scared?

Recommended background music for extra spookiness:

(I apologize for the dull level design. didn't have enough time and thinking up fun and interesting puzzles under pressure is harddd...)

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Grave Robbery


Life as a grave robber isn't easy in halloween land. Dig all graves and collect all the money to win...

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The Body Story


Overcome obstacles before you by choosing the correct organ. Puzzles are based upon the organ/ body part's function, so ponder before choosing, because one mistake and you lose the game! It's quite teh epic adventure this one and I feel pleased to have churned it out for the 5-year anniversary!

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Freddie Wong Dancing Skeleton Attack Infinity


Arrows or WASD to move
SpaceBar to shoot crap out of mouth

Goal: Kill skeletons, Make points

Extra Credit: Hold your breath until you beat the game. because that's definitely possible

Inspiration: I can't remember I was too drunk when I made this in between my wildly successful internet movies on the youtubes and the kickstarters

Freddie Wong, Narcissist at Law
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