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Fart Racing


Fart Racing! Fart along the racetrack to beat the rival racer!


My first Luawreck! I was forced to cheat and start this one early as I was still in the process of getting Klua (my Love2D-based game prototyping framework) mature enough that I could make something super basic. Most of the stuff in "gamesystem" is pre-existing. I built it up on and off over the course of the last several weeks. The game itself I started maybe a day early (most of the content was actually done within the two-hour period however).

Klua is still a HUGE work in progress. Don't use it for any games yet. In particular, it's missing support for any adequate interaction between entities (namely, there's no collision detection yet). Hopefully that will be added soon.

Anyway, enjoy. I'm only leaving the .love file here for now. You'll need to install Love2D yourself and then drag the .love file over love.exe to run the game. Sooner or later I might include multiple platform runtimes inside the download.

Edit: Windows build included. Double-click on run-windows.bat to play.

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