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CANDY BATH - Tequila Edition


It's a CiNcO DE MAYO Piñata PARTY! (A day late NOW) You are invited to our tequila dungeon.
You play a cute little robot with a bamboo stick and jumping legs. An alien vessel has been causing mischief. Don't worry, they are at your party and they will hold the candy filled unicorn for you in a teasing but pleasing way.

Use the arrows to run and jump up.
X - is for your stick attack.

Cool features:
Breakdancing / Secret dance moves like flips and wall slides. (ONLY IN THE DANCE ROOM, (It's right past the tequila dungeon))

Get todawly faded and on booze shots.

Breakable Piñata and CANDY Things my cousin drew them!

Have a party forever with random backgrounds. Keep playing and unlock your personal achievement of seeing them all.

You will get better at dancing the more shots you have.

Make sure to wait patiently while Construct2 Loads your HTML 5 virus. Maybe press X at the menu AFTER the music starts for optimum party sounds.
Thanks For Playing this was a lot of fun to make because I did not sleep last night.

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A Thesis about the Complexity of Simply Winning and then Loading a Winning Screen


If you open the game, you win automatically! You'll need to wait for the Congratulatory Screen to finish loading tho, and because it is a very complex procedure it may take a while to do so. But fear not, because you can listen to a sample of a portuguese fado about slavery while you wait.
And it is worth the wait. Hint: use the arrow keys on the winning screen and catch the small squares

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