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Monty Python's Mountain Climber - The Gathering Storm


You aren't any person that is part of Monty Python.
You must use your mystical shield (PRESS FIRE2) to defend youself from the evil stormcloud, and get to the top of the mountain to defeat it!

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Vertical Impulse


This is based on an unreleased game of mine which I never finished, which itself was based on the old Macintosh shareware game Diamonds. There's also some inspiration from Messhof's Punishment: The Punishing and VVVVVV.

Guide this constantly bouncing Pong-like ball out of this dungeon-like environment. Break through the orange blocks (above the start) and blue blocks (below the start) and avoid the purple objects. You must be the same colour as the block to break it.

This thing is kind of dry and could probably do with a more interesting design, but w/e.

Left, right: Move.
Up, down: Speed up or slow down, depending on your current velocity.

EDIT: Endless respawn bug and some sticky wall bugs fixed.

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Pong Tower


This is the next evolution of Dark Pong and Pong/Antipong, with a good dose of inspiration from Prizeleaper. Get the ball to the top of the tower by bouncing it off the paddles. A line indicates the highest distance that the ball has reached - in that respect, it owes something to Keep Me Occupied.

Windows version in the Zip. A HTML5 version will appear sometime later.

Leon Arnott
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This is a sequel to The Terrible Terrible Turret. Dig into the well by shooting missiles upward to fall down onto the blocks. But you must make sure you don't shoot yourself! Landing on each colour of block causes you to shoot a different array of bullets - some more fearsome than others.

In addition to what it has inherited from its predecessor, you can also see similarities to some of my other games, Prizeleaper and In The Well. And, of course, the influence by Mr. Driller cannot be overstated.


Left arrow - roll to the left.
Right arrow - roll to the right.
R - respawn after losing. Each gray block is a checkpoint.

Mac OS X version:

Leon Arnott
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