The battle between making and talking about a game, and getting overwhelmed by the twittersphere vortex.

Sorry mac users, only one file in the zip and it's an exe. Runs fine in wine on linux though.
Made in GameMaker (as noted by the awesome watermark and post-game billboard).

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Twitter's Branding Strategy


Twitter did a thing that annoyed me ( so I made a game about it.
Use the mouse to control Twitter’s Branding Standards Weapon and destroy all symbols that fail to accurately uphold Twitter’s all-important branding values.

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Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 2


In an alternate reality where SOPA somehow actually gets passed, Twitter gets shut down by the feds for a single accusation of copyright infringement! Oh noes!

But we have too many people who can't afford to not be tweeting!

Looks like we'll need to resort to old-fashioned methods... sending messages by pidgeon!

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Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 1


Since everyone else is doing it, I'm gonna cheat too.

I was actually thinking of doing something like this for Pirate Kart II. I didn't, and I personally think that's a good thing, because it would have sucked. The idea was that I would use Klik & Play as some sort of faux Twitter thing where I would add a new frame describing what I was up to every day or two, leading up to and through the actual Pirate Kart weekend. But after creating the first frame I realized it was lame and stupid and unfunny and a waste of my time.

This time I'm going for something a bit less horrible. It's kind of going to be a fake documentary about how I contribute to Pirate Kart V. Fake as in I'm pretty sure that 95% of the "tweets" in this are fake and just made up for humor. Oh well. It is what it is.

This is the first of a series of fake "downloadable tweet sets" I am making in order to fill up space in the Kart.

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