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Crazy Computer Competition


Your girlfriend asks you to get rich. You heard, that computer freaks become quite rich. So you participate in a computer challenge, where competitors use their machines in battles to show, who the best is. But don't let the evolution of the newest era make your team look like dinosaurs.

This game works on Windows 95. There is a DOS version available on Doshaven and Slimesalad, too.

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You Have to Put the Machine in the Juni


Contains two endings. One of them makes perfect sense, one doesn't.

2018 UPDATE: Now adheres more strictly to Knytt Underground canon (i.e. Juni always has black limbs now) and includes another secret bonus ending. Tell all your friends!

2018 UPDATE EDIT: There were some exclamation points that weren't colored in correctly.

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Release Me!


Save Robina from this devious device! Follow the chain of gears, wires and doohickeys to figure out which button will lift her up and which will lower her to her doom.

This is basically a remake of this microgame in WarioWare. I was going to make this for Somedays #5 but I got unfortunately sidetracked.

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The Incredible Trainwreck


This is a simple contraption game made in KNP. select the machines and place anywhere you want and watch your machine go by itself!

You can choose to play in puzzle mode in which you have to conduct the ball to the cat without bashing your machines into the wall or on each other, and the (preferred by me) sandbox mode. there is no rules in sandbox mode as well as objectives, it's just for fun.

The music came from Voyetra Midi Orchestrator as some demostrations they were not made by me

flavius v. maximus
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