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Horse at the Hearth SMUT


The most definite RPG Maker 2000 erotica fanfiction game.

  • Full Motion Video
  • Voice synchronization, also with german tts
  • Computer-generated story
  • Polyamory
  • Custom Battle System (hot!)
  • Only 62 MB!!

Mostly only explicit writing, some human and horse nude body performance.
Partly explicit sound effects, play with headphones.


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1 2 3 4 Cinco De Mayo


WARNING: Though this game does not contain any gore, blood, or nudity there are some some extreme themes of violence and sex.

This is a fictionalized representation of The Battle of Puebla between the French and Mexico.

James is the horse described on the title screen.

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Stunt Copter: WarioWare Edition


My first DIY. A demake of the Mac classic STUNT COPTER (

I spent FAR too much time on this, so SOMEONE BETTER PLAY IT.

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The Oregon Trail: 6th Edition


This is the next official version of the Oregon Trail!
No it isn't.

You are on a mission to traverse the Oregon Trail in order to claim some land in Oregon! Along the way, you'll face dreaded obstacles such as flowers, small rocks, and elephants. Watch out for diseases like cholera and dysentery, too! Press the space bar to shoot and the arrow keys to steer, most other things you'll need to know are mentioned in-game.

P.S. Real Life Mode is only put in the game as a joke, as it makes the amount of miles traveled increase 100 times slower than in Arcade Mode. So just play Arcade Mode. That's the real game. Or see how far you can get in Real Life Mode.

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Woman wide wide lace top moving upward chukka footwear


I feel this game truly evokes the beauty of spambot text perfectly.
Controlled with the mouse.

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The horse that hates iron so much that it destroys it


Trainwreck Pro Tip:

Game making for the champions.

1. Go to Deviant Art
2. Sort submissions by RECENT not popular
3. Pick the first best things you find or hit F5 like crazy and use those graphics provided to make a game

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Horses, Tortoises and Goalies


Intercept the tortoises in this super-action adventurish gorgeous epic game. up and down moves.

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Treat your horse well


In France, there's a saying "Qui veut aller loin ménage sa monture", which more or less means that if you want to travel far, you'd better treat your horse.

Well, let's find out with this carrot-based philosophy lesson !

(def a horse and not a crayfish)

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