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Say Hi


Made for the "hi" event. This was a fun, little thing to do.

Greet people by pressing buttons on the keyboard while viewing various photographs of the sunrise over the east coast United States. I sang a song for this game.

Press SPACEBAR / ENTER / SHIFT / CTRL to say "Hi."

Update - 4 Apr 2021

  • Re-mixed the song so vocals aren't so overpowering
  • added random floating balloons
  • "HI" message is in random colours now

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A Midsummer Night's Tree


Just finished up a game for Global Game Jam 2021. The theme this year was Lost and Found.

MNT is a top-down, pick-up-and-deliver game set in a moody lagoon in the middle of the night. Row your boat, collect the Constellation Glyphs, and return them to their proper shrines to bring the Tree of Stars back to life before the time runs out...!

All music by Eric Matyas:

Instructions, additional credits, etc. in game.

Enjoy, and Thank You For Play! [sic]

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SPIDARENA, a game made for some other secret santa game jam. I finally figured out how to do twin-stick shooting, except it works on the keyboard and not a controller. Still working on that... The good news is that you can play both the standalone Windows version or the HTML 5 version (the download contains both).

The web version is playable at this link:


WASD KEYS: Move the spider.
ARROW KEYS: Shoot a Venom Blast. Hold the keys for autofire of Venom Blasts.
SPACEBAR: Launch a Web Shot. You can trap flies in Cocoons with a well-placed Web Shot.
ESC KEY: Toggle Pause.
F2 KEY (standalone only): Return to title screen.

You can successfully complete a stage of Spidarena in one of four ways:
1. Destroy 100 Flies.
2. Destroy all Fly Nests.
3. The Spider Gains 100 Health.
4. The Spider Eggs are fed with 11+ Cocoons.

Some methods will earn you more points than others. Experiment and try different strategies to see what works best for you!


Stand on a Cocoon to consume its contents. When the green bar that appears is full, the Cocoon is emptied and the Spider gains 5 health.

Stand on the end of a Web Strand to build it and make it longer. When the purple bar that appears is full, the strand is extended until it reaches maximum length. Any Fly that moves over these web strands is slowed. Any Cocoon over these strands slowly moves towards the Spider Eggs.

Pillbugs are invincible, but their Spitballs can be destroyed by a Web Blast. However, it's best to just avoid them as much as possible.

You have limited Web Shots, but each time you defeat 5 Flies you gain one back as a bonus. You can carry a maximum of 10 Web Shots.

Enjoy and "Thank you for play!" [sic]

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Hungry Jack


HUNGRY JACK, a dice "game" I made for an online workshop about making your own tabletop games. It's playable in nearly any browser.

HJ is actually a classic dice game, except it's not so much a game at all. Essentially, on your turn you throw the dice and see what happens.

  • When it's your turn, click the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR.
  • If your dice show a number that doesn't have a token on it (or in this case, a burger), then you place a token there from your supply.
  • If your dice show a number that already has a token on it, you take that token and add it to your supply.
  • If you are supposed to place a token but you have 0, the game ends. The player with the most tokens left is the winner.

I wanted to illustrate things such as luck, skill, and player choice in my workshop, and this is a tool that helps explain things without me resorting to a lecture fomat. I had fun putting it together.

As you may pick up from the "notes" I added, it's not too engaging a game, but it can be fun and surprising. Young kids like to play it because they just might win, beating the adults that are playing along with them. After all: dice have no gods, no masters.

Full credits and other details available in game.

PROTIP: don't like a portrait? Click on it and it will randomly change to one of ten portraits devised by

ANOTHER PROTIP: Pressing the ESC key will return you to the main menu screen.

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Flappy Doom


FLAPPY DOOM, another joke by me for Grid Grind 2020.

You are Flynn "Mabel" Taggart. Your mission: drag the demons back to hell (for as long as you can).
- Press the SPACEBAR to flap.
- Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
- If you are out of bullets, collecting them can help.
- Doors are locked unless you find the RED KEYCARD when prompted.
- Press the "R" key to start or restart the game.

Grid Grind elements used:
- mysterious industrial building
- "Mabel"
- locked doors

- Original Doom by id Software.
- Original Doom music and sound effects by Robert "Bobby" Prince. Patch mapper for this rendition by Tom Klok. Available at
- Flappy Bird tutorial made by Almighty Zen Taco via YouTube:

Last updated 9 Sept 2020.

"Thank you for play!" [sic]

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Her Universe


Happy Klickmas, mr._a ! I made a game for you. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Her Universe is a mouse-driven puzzle, where you use trial-and-error to assemble the pieces of a mixed-up story. Lots of audio recordings and a search on YouTube for strange atmospheric sounds made this one a lot of fun to make. I went out of my comfort zone for this one.

mr._a's wishlist included:

i will live forever
the universe makes sense
there is hope
i can hear a body gouging at the wall and shrieking
i hope they bring wine!


in lieu of air, a thick pudding


the comfortable warmth of pissing slowly down one trouser-leg


Some graphics and all event coding by let-off-studios. Voices by let-off-studios and DKA. Other sound effects made with bfxr.

Icons from

Story content inspired entirely from the Random Creative Idea Generator:

...and from randomly-selected action words at Random Lists:

Radio noise found via YouTube:

Ambient sounds also found on YouTube (and this is fascinating):

Enjoy, and "thank you for play!"

EDIT: Made one small change, and now the game is just a bit easier to finish in one go.

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You are a gibbed head in Quake. You need to roll around and find your body before it respawns! But it may be too late...

A game by Thanny Mack (

Thanny Mack
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