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Meteor Shooter


METEOR SHOOTER, a tribute to Kitaru's CAVE SHOOTER for the No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam.

ARROW KEYS to move your ship.
SPACEBAR to activate your shield. Do not run out of energy while surrounded by meteors!
The game is over when you run out of ship energy (the green bar). You suffer damage when you impact meteors. The faster they're moving, the more damaging a hit will be.

You earn points for shooting meteors, and you earn even more points for smashing your shield into the meteors.
Event coding by let-off studios. SFX made in BFXR by let-off studios. Sprites originated with Clickteam. This is an HTML5 game, and so should be playable on nearly every computer.

Play the original Cave Shooter here:


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You are bicycling home. It is late at night.

You check the weather report. Chance of precipitation: 100%.

This is no ordinary rain.

Happy Birthday, GT! :D

Press the ENTER, SPACE, CTRL, or SHIFT key to begin the game while PLAY is highlighted on the title screen.

->Move your bicyclist with the ARROW KEYS.
->Shoot flaming arrows with SHIFT.
->Toss bombs with CTRL.

Making an attack takes away a certain amount of energy. The bad news is if you run out of energy then you lose. The good news is your energy will slowly replenish as you ride.

You can win the game by defeating the evil cloud or by bicycling all the way home. You can lose the game by running out of energy or if too many spiders make it past you.


Event structure by let-off studios. Sprites mostly by Clickteam. Sounds by clickteam or made by let-off studios in BFXR. Background music by Play-On-Loop. I was inspired completely by the Random Creative Idea Generator to make and name this game. All resources linked on the game's "About" frame. If you would like to see the source MFA file, just let me know.

EDIT: Disabled one of my debugging events that would cause the spider counter to go up unbidden. You shouldn't die so quickly from spiders now.

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Mutant Highway


MUTANT HIGHWAY, a remake of FREEWAY MUTANT by Butterscotch Shenanigans with a few little extras thrown in. I wanted a project to stretch my legs in Fusion again, and this is what I came up with.

Move your running alien with the mouse (please keep your mouse pointer inside the game screen). Jump over obstacles with your CTRL button. You will automatically shoot at enemies that are in your sights.

Artwork by my good friend Skeleghoul. Sounds by me using BFXR, and by Nintendo back in the 80's. You can play the game online via the HTML5 build, or download the standalone version for Windows (which has better performance and mouse response, in my opinion).

Thanks to Clickteam for creating Fusion, to Jeremy/Spindley Q for hosting Glorious Trainwrecks, and to Butterscotch Shenanigans for the original Freeway Mutant.

Have fun, and "THANK YOU FOR PLAY!!!"

PLEASE NOTE: There have been some reports of eye irritation, most likely caused by the large scrolling sprites in this game and playing for long periods of time. I don't know of a fix for this at the moment. My apologies for any discomfort! I suggest you limit your play-time of this game should you experience any eye irritation.

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Find Your Keys


Find your keys before the time runs out!

Press the SPACEBAR/JOY BUTTON 3 to extend your arm, and release the button to grab and then retract your arm.

A game made for fortunepalace's "GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS" event right here at Glorious Trainwrecks. Created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Music by Sound effects created by me in bfxr.

If you have a suggestion for an item to add under the couch, just leave a comment here and I'll do my best to add it in the game.

EDIT: fixed some sound bugs and made it so the game isn't completely impossible to "win."

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Here's my latest retro project, ASTROPATH. It also happens to be my 20th game submitted to Glorious Trainwrecks. No cutscenes this time... :)

The goal is to collect 16 stars on each of 12 different stages. Dodge asteroids and comets, collecting the stars and any special score bonuses along the way. Make it through all 12 stages, and you can add your name to the high score table...!

Press UP to start moving. Steer LEFT and RIGHT to turn the ship as it flies (or when it's stationary). Press DOWN to slow/stop the ship, and when stopped you can press DOWN again to move in reverse.

On later stages you can shoot three rockets with the SPACEBAR/JOYPAD BUTTON 3.

Collide with a STAR to collect it and earn points. You also earn bonuses for:
- collecting matching-colored stars one after another
- fuel remaining at the end of the stage
- NOT crossing your Astropath (the clouds of smoke you leave behind)
- Following comets closely
- collecting the pickups (Alien Artifacts or Precious Minerals) left behind after destroying asteroids
- destroying comets

If anyone makes it up to 20,000 points, please post a screen shot and share your success!

Made with Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made with BFXR. Background music from Play On Loop (

KNOWN ISSUES: for some reason, sometimes at the end-of-game screens the high-score entry box is hidden. You'll need to press ALT-TAB to switch to that screen, enter your name for the high score, and then press ENTER to properly enter your name on the high score screen. I have NO idea how to fix this. Sorry.

And of course, if anyone finds any additional bugs or errors in play, please let me know.

You can also chip in and support me by visiting and passing along a little somethin-somethin to me through


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You are ace pilot, LISA BLASTARR, charged by CORPORAL GARY to save the Earth from certain destruction! Summon the NUCLEAR MATADOR to stop the TAURUS CONSTELLATION from crashing into our planet! Stop the MOON MUMMIES and their naughty leader, CLIFTON FIREHORSE!

Used a few KNP sprites to bring this game to life, and only a few of my own. The character portraits are from party favours from my birthday party years ago. I did the male character voices while Dr. Larson did the voice for Blastarr. Music by and sound effects made with BFXR.

I admit this game is more a vehicle for the cutscenes to exist. It was incredibly fun to make.

It's over 7.5MB in size, so even though it's a Flash file it still may take a minute to load. My apologies.

EDIT: fixed up the ending so if you are defeated then the game won't take forever and a day to end properly (I hope). Anyone else with bug reports, please share.


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Fungilluminati - For Nuuup


Happy Klikmas, Nuuup! Enjoy FUNGILLUMINATI! :D

I can honestly say this is the most unusual game I've ever developed. At the same time, it's a fitting tribute to SON SON, one of my favourite classic arcade games developed by Capcom in the 80's.

Use the ARROW KEYS to select a menu option. Press SHIFT to make your choice.
Move your mushroom with the ARROW KEYS. You can also jump with the UP ARROW or SHIFT key. Drop down to the next lower level by pressing the DOWN key. You constantly shoot, so there's no need to press any buttons or keys to do that.
To win, shoot anything that moves, and collect anything that doesn't. Avoid the lava at the bottom of the screen, as it will hurt your sometimes.

Here's Nuuup's wishlist:
-Weird potatoes flying around the screen
-A tortoise that won' t SHUT UP
-A talking piece of poo that talks like a busy New Yorker
-A player that is a yellow mushroom
-A crudely drawn naked girl that is the Illuminati Top Model
-A drunken werewolf that wants to eat your face
-An agressive Totoro plush toy

I'm working on the Flash version of the game, but there are some bugs to work out first.

Everyone have fun. :)

EDIT: Last update 3 January 2015. Level restart bug and audio bugs now fixed, and now the player can jump with the UP ARROW key.
(my tradition of continually updating and fixing small issues after the initial release continues in full force...)

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Ornament Smash


I reskinned an Astrosmash example I made a while back. You're now blowing up XMas ornaments instead of asteroids, and shooting Santa/Elf/Mrs. Claus Heads instead of UFOs.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your Orna-woman LEFT or RIGHT.

Throw candy with the SHIFT KEY.

Press UP to toggle autofire mode.

Press and hold DOWN to activate your Snowglobe Shield. This blocks everything, but has a limited battery. It will slowly recharge over time.

There are also powerups that let you throw more candy or move back and forth faster.

Enjoy and THANK YOU FOR PLAY! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. :)

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Sea Glass Beach Blaster


An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.45.18 AM (2).png

“Takes me back with you to passionate desert scenes
And it’s there we’ll stay
Till the very day
We find out what Pachalafaka means!”

Pachalafaka (Irving Taylor, 1958)

Pachalafaka is a world, ending in songs. Each song has a different meaning but this world always ends. Entirely drawn by hand, with ink and watercolors, Pachalafaka is a series of game poems, prototypes between comic books and games.

The first episode, “I never thought I would lose”, is based on the song “Stardust”, by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish. The game poem was developped for the LA Game Space as part of they launching game mixtape.

Thank you for playing !

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