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SPIDARENA, a game made for some other secret santa game jam. I finally figured out how to do twin-stick shooting, except it works on the keyboard and not a controller. Still working on that... The good news is that you can play both the standalone Windows version or the HTML 5 version (the download contains both).

The web version is playable at this link:


WASD KEYS: Move the spider.
ARROW KEYS: Shoot a Venom Blast. Hold the keys for autofire of Venom Blasts.
SPACEBAR: Launch a Web Shot. You can trap flies in Cocoons with a well-placed Web Shot.
ESC KEY: Toggle Pause.
F2 KEY (standalone only): Return to title screen.

You can successfully complete a stage of Spidarena in one of four ways:
1. Destroy 100 Flies.
2. Destroy all Fly Nests.
3. The Spider Gains 100 Health.
4. The Spider Eggs are fed with 11+ Cocoons.

Some methods will earn you more points than others. Experiment and try different strategies to see what works best for you!


Stand on a Cocoon to consume its contents. When the green bar that appears is full, the Cocoon is emptied and the Spider gains 5 health.

Stand on the end of a Web Strand to build it and make it longer. When the purple bar that appears is full, the strand is extended until it reaches maximum length. Any Fly that moves over these web strands is slowed. Any Cocoon over these strands slowly moves towards the Spider Eggs.

Pillbugs are invincible, but their Spitballs can be destroyed by a Web Blast. However, it's best to just avoid them as much as possible.

You have limited Web Shots, but each time you defeat 5 Flies you gain one back as a bonus. You can carry a maximum of 10 Web Shots.

Enjoy and "Thank you for play!" [sic]

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Deep Delve


DEEP DELVE: A game made within 72 hours for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020.

You are the Sorceress, tasked with defending a frontier outpost. A newly-developed mine has breached a subterranean stronghold of hungry spiders! You rush to repel the threat... But is everything as it seems? Who are the real invaders?

There are four stages of ever-increasing intensity in DEEP DELVE. Fans of retro-style arcade action games will dig this.

Made by one person within a 72-hour window for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020. The idea behind this game jam is that the art assets and game fonts are already there, and while you can colour them however you want, you can't create any additional art assets. The theme is announced at the start of the game jam window period. The theme for this game jam was "Deep."

The download link leads to the standalone download version (which I recommend, and this also has details on how to implement a gamepad/joystick for controls). However, there's also an HTML5 version available:

Quick Summary of game controls:

  • ARROW KEYS to move.
  • SHIFT to shoot. Hold SHIFT to autofire.
  • P to toggle game pause on/off. Works during action sequences, not narrative text.
  • R to Restart the stage or the game (when prompted).
  • C to Continue the game (when prompted).

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Flappy Doom


FLAPPY DOOM, another joke by me for Grid Grind 2020.

You are Flynn "Mabel" Taggart. Your mission: drag the demons back to hell (for as long as you can).
- Press the SPACEBAR to flap.
- Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
- If you are out of bullets, collecting them can help.
- Doors are locked unless you find the RED KEYCARD when prompted.
- Press the "R" key to start or restart the game.

Grid Grind elements used:
- mysterious industrial building
- "Mabel"
- locked doors

- Original Doom by id Software.
- Original Doom music and sound effects by Robert "Bobby" Prince. Patch mapper for this rendition by Tom Klok. Available at
- Flappy Bird tutorial made by Almighty Zen Taco via YouTube:

Last updated 9 Sept 2020.

"Thank you for play!" [sic]

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Weekend at Chompface's


WEEKEND AT CHOMPFACE'S, an HTML5 joint made for Grid Grind 2020. It plays in nearly any browser. The description:

You are one of the ghosts, and instead of tagging out Chompface like you usually do, you ended up killing him. You gotta get outta Dodge, but first you need to find and collect all four tires to your getaway van. Until you do, you can't raise suspicion. Play it cool so that ZEZMERON and MS. CHOMPFACE aren't any the wiser, and don't do anything too wacky or you risk your arcade cabinet being rebooted!

[NOTE: updated to include more clues about how to reduce suspicion. Thanks for all the feedback and critique, folks!]


This is a "Pac-Man/Weekend At Bernie's Mashup Parody Action Puzzle" made for the Grid Grind 2020. Collect all four tires before either the red bar or the purple bar reach 0 (the detectors for Zezmeron and the arcade game player, respectively). There are four different endings for you to discover. I wrote and sang a song for this game. Grid Grind 2020 features included:

  • Medicine
  • Edible Rocks
  • Utopia
  • A Van

I kinda didn't follow the rules to the event, and in fact the game morphed a lot in the past couple months. I finally settled on "reverse Pac-Man" and the rest of the game kinda wrote itself. I beg your indulgence. I had too much fun making this to start worrying about that stuff.

Additional credits:
"Frosty The Snowman" karaoke tune found on YouTube.
Car engine sound effects from Clickteam sample libraries.
Background music for menus and end screens made by me in a MIDI music program some time ago (I can't remember the name).
If you're wondering how DEVO fits into the soundtrack, I reversed the sound of the siren at the beginning of their video for "Jocko Homo."


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Plaster Master (for Hubol)


[EDIT: game stages will progress now. Thanks for your patience and persistence, hubol!]
This is PLASTER MASTER, A Game made by let-off-studios for the Springtime Santa 2020 event for Hubol. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Guide Bug Eye the frog who starts a journey to complete some minor repairs, and ends up fixing much more (and making some new friends along the way).

Game is now updated to version 1.2 . This should be visible on the title screen and the included readme file.

  • You can use the keyboard or a standard gamepad/joystick with this game. A mouse is not required.
  • ARROW KEYS move the frog. Walk LEFT or RIGHT. Climb ladders with UP or DOWN. To drop from a ladder while standing on it, press SHIFT.
  • You can sling plaster over your head with CTRL. You can hold five shots at a time. Walk to a Blue Barrel to refill your personal plaster bucket.
  • To jump, press SHIFT. Hold the SHIFT KEY down longer to jump higher. To charge-up your Jump, press and hold DOWN. When you begin to flash, press and hold SHIFT to jump very high. If you continue to hold down, consider yourself in POWER JUMP MODE, because you can execute POWER JUMPs over and over again.
  • To turn a valve, press UP.
  • To exit a game in progress, press and hold the ESC KEY.

More instructions and details are in the game.

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1hgj: Not Yet


NOT YET, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam (in about an hour and a half). This time, the theme was Love.
(content warning: insults and hurtful words that some may find upsetting)

Fend off the negative vibes until the time is right to move in.


  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Use the SHIFT KEY to fire. Hold it down to auto-fire.


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1HGJ: Birdman


This is BIRDMAN, made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Poorly-Programmed Gravity. I felt right at home. :)

You are BIRDMAN and you are collecting coins. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Game is over when the timer runs out. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

(Had to deal with a frustrating issue related to using Clickteam Physics and exporting to HTML5, but thanks to someone's suggestion on the CT forums it was fixed and now the game works as intended).

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GGJ 2020: Space Harriet vs. The Cosmo-Zombies


After a few false starts, I came up with a game for the Global Game Jam 2020. In Space Harriet vs. The Cosmo-Zombies, the player flies around shooting zombies that emerge from a hole in Space-Time, and on occasion an Astro-Vampire. Description from the GGJ site:

The space-time continuum is under attack! As the ace pilot, Space Harriet, maintain order in the universe and repair the Rainbow TimeStream (TM) as quickly as possible. Rumour has it that not only Cosmo-Zombies are on the loose, but rebellious Astro Vampires are as well! Stay sharp! Stay vigilant! Go for a top score...!

LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS = Rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise
SHIFT KEY = Fire weapon. Hold to engage auto-fire.

GAMEPAD CONTROLS (Press CTRL+Y to open control menu, click the box under "1" and next to "Joystick 1", then click OK.)
LEFT/RIGHT = Rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise
GAMEPAD BUTTON 1 = Fire weapon. Hold to engage auto-fire.

I will update the game eventually with a proper title screen, some graphical tweaks and options, and a few more user-friendly things. Meanwhile the game is completely playable and I love watching the Astro-Vampire's face. Enjoy! :)

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2720: The Last Mouse On Earth (For Petra)


Happy Klikmas, Petra! I hope you enjoy your gift.

2720: The Last Mouse On Earth.
You are the little green Mouse character. You are exploring the world, and will eventually seek out a new friend. This is more like an interactive story than a game.

DROP DOWN from some platforms by holding DOWN and pressing SHIFT.
Hold the ESC key to return to the title screen from any point in the game.

Any questions? Find any bugs? Please let me know as soon as convenient. Thanks!


Petra's wish-list is as follows:
For secret santa, I'd like glimpses into (an)other unfamiliar world(s)
I hope the santa who gets me can work with that and has a lovely time doing so. :3

The rest of this extra:

Things I like:
-Animals, it's hard to choose
-Anthro stuff
-Cozy & kind & nice & soft (but don't let that restrict you)
-Space things (Like, things in there. Maybe not so much stars and planets)
-but also nature
-Places that are turned inwards
-Reflection (optically and mentally)
-Colourful things
-Nice (night?) skies
-GIFs and early 3D renderings

Stuff that isn't as easy as "I like this"

-Spiders are cool but please don't add spiderwebs I have a phobia for the latter.
-Ruins that look like they could have been functioning spaces instead of just grand monumentality
-If you want to do non-happy stuff then please do sad instead of angry
-Absolutely no horror please


I also had a look at Petra's art submissions, and used the two characters shown there. The green Mouse is the main character of the game I made.

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1HGJ: CandyGet


CANDYGET, a game made in just over an hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Halloween.

You're trick or treating at an apartment complex, and want to collect as much candy as possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate the halls, jump up to the next floor, and drop down to the lower floors.

Try for a high score. A score approaching 1,000 is pretty good, and a score over 1,000 is great!

Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.
Graphics and event coding by me in Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made in LabChirp.

PS: This is my 100th submission to Glorious Trainwrecks. :)

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