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Sea Glass Beach Blaster


An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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“Takes me back with you to passionate desert scenes
And it’s there we’ll stay
Till the very day
We find out what Pachalafaka means!”

Pachalafaka (Irving Taylor, 1958)

Pachalafaka is a world, ending in songs. Each song has a different meaning but this world always ends. Entirely drawn by hand, with ink and watercolors, Pachalafaka is a series of game poems, prototypes between comic books and games.

The first episode, “I never thought I would lose”, is based on the song “Stardust”, by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish. The game poem was developped for the LA Game Space as part of they launching game mixtape.

Thank you for playing !

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Square World 1: Buster City


You are Jone McArk!
You must stop the Mad G33R Gang!
Press Z to fire gun!
Press X to throw Grenade!
Defeat the Crime Lord!

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Use your shield to deflect incoming lasers back at your enemies!

Spencer Green
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Bullet Hell in 1978


See kids? This is why Asteroids and Danmaku don't mix.
Instructions in-game.
And yes,this gets VERY,VERY hard.

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Hero's Realm


Welcome to an original and exciting quest!

(originally based on a game submitted to Pirate Kart V that has since been deleted)

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Heroes Realm


God against the forces of evil, Satan, Adventure, Mephistocles RPG on this, we have four teams, the main character. Should check with the cave village of dungeons, towers, and steps, and explore tée caves, but defeat evil forces that are changing the nature of the four! The classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest V and the third kingdom of fun nostalgia joguinejo hero RPG of the old school.

  • (Master of the base class class 12 4 the secret hero of the first class, three out of±three) the category of 22 characters
  • Game content and tons of side quests
  • NES and SNES RPG era in the classical period
  • (As is the case in the Tower of FFVI Kefka!) To replace the multi-party system
  • (At least 5 of them!) Tactical battle of multi-party
  • Big map of the world
  • Fun

    History and divided the first four chapters each devoted to a new champion, in f–ve parts, in Section 5 are collected.

    How can you not think children: First: ChaptÌ8 1?
    You may have to move on to something fishy ... Chapter 2:
    Land of the Rising Sun Chapter 3:
    True calling: Chapter 4
    War on Terror: Chapter 5

    To go to the (Z) or the work "to finD your foot, press the Escape transformation, (X) or down", "Stop / stock

    Additional information is available (and the proof of the game). http://82/ ~ V X [ ÛÔ @ & Ä u¤ ) t R ² V < þ VI 'Ô Û `  ø¤ Ž K 6 N² î   ¬I

    Juliette Porée
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  • Retro Rocket


    Retro Rocket is a side-scrolling shooter with "retro" graphics and a retro-shooting rocket. Survive until the end of the stage to witness the awesome game ending!

    Uses the Arcade Classic font by Jakob Fischer / PizzaDude.
    Sound effects created with DrPetter's SFXR.

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    Leaping Lizabeth and the RISING MAGMA of DOOM


    Leaping Lizabeth and the RISING MAGMA OF DOOM. A "pixel-perfect" platformer (no grid! no tiles!) by McFunkypants. Use the arrow keys or W,A,S,D to run and jump, platformer-style, all the way to the very top of the map where you will reach the safety zone. Be FAST: the volcano is erupting and the rising tide of liquid death is growing near! How fast can you make it to the top?

    Written in HTML5 canvas, works on any device (tested on Playstation3 at 35fps and Android Phones at 40fps and Windows 7 at 60fps in all new browser versions) and attains pretty decent framerate. Uses the JAWSJS game engine. The level was created in photoshop: no grid or tiles were used in the making of this game.

    Visit for tons of other games. Have fun!

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    Cartridge Blowing Simulator 2012


    Relive the glory days of gaming by getting a cartridge to work in your ancient console.

    In case you've never experienced this kind of gaming before, here's the idea of the game:
    All you need to do is press the power button and hope the screen turns on. Blow on the cartridge to increase the chances of that happening. If it STILL doesn't work, give it a good old wiggle side-to-side while it's in and try again. Make sure you get all the dust off!

    Note: I understand that this is the wrong kind of cartridge for a top-loader but I had the SNES in mind even though I drew a NES cart. Anyway the console is just a box with a power button on it!

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