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WarioWare D.I.Y: Find-a-phant


You must find and tap the elephant in this MarkP0rter-inspired WarioWare D.I.Y. microgame.

If you want to play it, join the event! The .mio file is also available for download.

If you can't play it, here is a Vine playthrough.

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MEDITATE!!! In Wario



Take a break from the fast-paced life of a micro-gamer!

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A question we often face as humans is this:

Do I want pizza or a burger?

WELL, now thanks to this MICROAPP, you will be forced to make a choice in six seconds or get NOTHING.

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WarioWare D.I.Y: Eat a Baby


My first submission to WarioWare D.I.Y: The Last Hurrah is a remake of the snapman classic Eat a Baby or a Burglar. A tough moral decision awaits those who play, with some of the possible outcomes previewed above!

Want to play this game? You'll need to swap friend codes with me actually find me in person. Good luck with that.

Here's a Vine of the game in action.

For those with flashcarts/emulators/tools/more time on their hands, the .mio file for the game can be downloaded here.

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Super Smash Bros. Crusade


What is Super Smash Bros. Crusade?

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games have to offer.

Current Features(0.8)

- Vs Mode
- Classic Mode
- 1p Minigames (Board the Platforms, Break the Targets)
- Online Mode
- Over 40 characters
- Over 25 stages
- Custom Music (You can put your own music in the game)

SSBC Development Team

Falcon8r - Programming, General Development
Phantom7 - Art and Graphics [May not be helping with development anymore] (Original poster of this thread)
Dr. MarioX - Spriting
Werekill - Miscellaneous [May not be helping with development anymore]
Dettadeus - Minor programming, Miscellaneous
Felipe_9595 - Character Balancing, Stage Programming
Jaklub - General Programming, Online Mode
(There are many other people helping out, but too many to list here. A full list will be included in the game's credits)

System Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
DirectX 8 or later
DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
Pentium or equivalent processor
DirectX 8 compatible sound card
128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation)
960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors

Characters Included (0.8)

(This screenshot doesnt include the unlockable characters ( The Duck Hunt Dog or Porky))

Other Screnshots

Videos (0.8)

The game weights 330 MB, but we would really want it to be accepted. The game is really good and haves some amazing features (Online Mode for example). You will not be dissapointed. We really need the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Falcon8r and Project Crusade Team
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Donkey Kong 64 000


Let's bring it on like Donkey Kong

A fantasy adventure where you become a valiant monkey, on a quest to rescue your bananas from the clutches of evil. You control the actions of a daring adventurer, finding his way through the jungle which is enchanted with treacherous monsters and obstacles. Lead on, adventurer. Your quest awaits!

Please leave a comment :3

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