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Kicked Out Of Elf School



an RPG Maker Mini-adventure by Mariken S.


Big ARACHNOPHOBIA warning on this game. Twice over you can ask an ELF to turn off the SPIDER if you so wish.


If you find any SECRETS . . . keep it to yourself! Or use ROT13 . . . The ELF SCHOOL contains many SECRETS in its aged corridors.


You are a little ELF who accidentally broke the CRYSTAL, unleashing demons of CHAOS upon the land. Without any heroes around, it is up to ELF to restore balance to the realm!



The RPG Maker usuals-
Arrows- move
Enter/Z- interact,confirm
Esc/X- open menu



Emojione Spiderweb licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Open RPG Fantasy Tilesets by finalbossblues
Alagard by Pix3M
Stock RPG Maker MV tilesets
Stock RPG Maker 2000/3 MIDIs
Stock RPG Maker 2000/3 SFX


Thank Yous

spinnylights for making Elf Bowling RPG: Episode V -IF YOU MEET THE SANTA ON THE ROAD... ROAST HIM OVER AN OPEN FIRE-
@NARFNra , @roopicoroo for believing in Elf Soccer (Will it be added in a future update?)
@QuakeRoc for replying with the word "elfn't"
@even_kei for questioning the power of the Lord of Chaos


Special Tip

If you can't beat an enemy, try to ESCAPE.

Mariken S.
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Staying Awake In Class Simulator


You had a long night yesterday, and now have to sit through your English teacher reading some dumb book. Smash Spacebar to stay awake or face the dire consequences in this gripping simulation.

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Algebraic Tiles


Simple game teaching how to solve quadratic equations...

Used in real schools in Spain!

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Green Globes


Try to pass over all the globes, without two functions.

Made for my own work on school!

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An event
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