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Seaborg's Manor

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Your name is Seaborg and you have inherited a manor. However, you become trapped in the manor. Can you escape?

The music is "Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram"

Sometimes bitsy games can be kind of frustrating so here's a short guide:

-Go straight left from the starting point in the manor

-Go in the kitchen and go down to the wine cellar to get the Eyeball of Communion

-Go back up through the kitchen to the King's Suite. Talk to the king and get his letter

-Go back to the gate and up the stairs on the right to get to the pool

-Go in the architect's bag and use the glasses to solve the maze and get the code

-Go up the west stairs to the archive room, get the directions using the code

-Go all the way to the right, past the courtyard

-Go to the cemetery to the right and inspect the large grave. Follow the instructions on it to get 1 ending, disregard them to get the other

-Go in the tower, up the stairs, and fall into the dungeon

-Follow the directions from the archive. In the last room, a shadow is there. He tell you the final direction. Go out of the dungeon

-Talk to the queen. Then, take her letter and fall off the tower to the left

-Retrace your steps and talk to the king again. He gives you the key to the manor. Inspect the lock to the left of the main gate to escape the manor

-Go to the bank in the bottom right of town. Based on your decision regarding the grave, talking to the teller will result in 1 of 2 different endings.

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Space Surfers



Space Surfers is a side-scroller where you control a Space soldier, equipped with a flying surfboard and should survive as long as possible in the middle of the enemy territory, accumulating the most possible of points. something like a mix of River Raid (Atari) and Contra (NES).

In addition to the standard weapon (with infinite ammo), there's more two temporary items that can be found in the scenario. The player loses when he lost the five initial lives (without the possibility of getting more lives during the game). The highest score achieved in the game is stored in the main menu.


*Left mouse button - Use the selected item
*Right mouse button - Controls the character
*Middle mouse button - Pause game
*Scroll mouse - Change item

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