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Had to compress the videos to muck, but hope you like it!

Controls are arrows and Page Up/Down, or the sticks on a controller.

NB: Linux one is the only one tested properly, but the Windows one was tested in Wine.

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An Excerpt from Silence


I'm uploading this here so I can submit it for the Glorious Trainwrecks & Babycastles event.

This level is compatible with standard KS v1.21.

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yellow jogge.png

A mappack for the glorious Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness. Contains five levels and a story you may or may not get around to reading. Although it does make this whole thing actually worthwhile.

Load the .arr files using the level editor function of your legally obtained copy of Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness, and click Play. If you want to follow the story, play the levels in order and consult the readme.txt.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 4.07.46 PM 1.png

spin. eat candy. screen wrap. embody a snake. eat the special candy to be attractive to the other candies. sate your candylust and roar with euphoria. and then stop.

-Ben Sironko
October 11th, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

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Yellow Joggler: Ice-Cream Men Quest


You are trapped in Pillow Factory Inc. and you must kill the CEO.
Collect Ice - Cream Men (tm) and avoid Al the Aliens and Normal Guys.

Protagonist: Yellow Joggler
Antagonist: Normal Guy
Location: At a pillow factory
Weapon: Sword
Objective: Gather all the ice-cream men

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Find the cheese


Where is the cheese? It is within yourself.

This took 18 minutes to make, including a 10-minute break.

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