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NOT ACTUALLY A 1HGJ: i dont know how to code and it annoys me

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.53.18 PM.png

i dont know how to code and it annoys me is a 1hgj game i made because let-off-studios said i should.
Well technically it isnt a 1HGJ but i still made it in an hour


although it looks like these graphics are reused, they aren't. I made all new assets because i didnt think to use the old ones.

arrow keys to move

nothing else to do anything

made in that free shitty construct 3 trial because im BROKE AND CANT CODE

EDIT: thank you all so much for being such supportive individuals. i have no idea what i am doing and all i ever wanted to do was make games. ik my stuff sucks rn but i am so grateful that you all have given me such a nice and positive space to improve and learn. yall are the best and its nice to finally upload after being a lurker for so long.

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Klik & Paint


Just a toy i made for fun. i know it's kind of shitty, but the KNP's object number limitation didn't give me the choice to make it better. well enjoy anyway.

Press mouse1 to paint with primary color
Press mouse2 to paint with secondary color
Press Spacebar to paint the whole screen with primary color

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sbahj in: sweet bro and hella jeff: the sbahj game


hooly SHIT, wear a GAME???????????? it GOOD


too find out watch thing is true

play the game?

soundtrack courtesy of the Hella Sweet Album

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