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Sergio and I were talking about including a new Knytt tutorial for the Babycastles expo, and I remembered this old tutorial I was tooling around with. It's called Mummenschanz, and like the acting troupe it takes its name from, it tries to convey its message through a minimum of words. I'm not sure if I totally succeeded at it, but here it is anyway! (With music by Kinetic Law.)

Update: Now with minor improvements, thanks to Sergio.

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Jumper Two TutorialKindaThing


A tutorial kind of thing for Jumper Two. Explains everything you need to know about the game mechanics that isn't explained in the editor.
Made to accompany JumperTwoJam.
Place the .j2e file in your Jumper Two folder, then open it through the editor.

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Sokoban Jr.


Anyone can be a Sokoban master after playing Sokoban Jr.! Your son, your wife's fetus, your venus fly trap, even your single-celled organisms can find their smarts with this precisely crafted experience of a lifetime! Contains a small user-friendly tutorial, after which the mind-bending puzzle action begins!

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Captain Rollaboll

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Just started learning Unity, trying my hand at the Roll A Ball tutorial with a thrilling spaceventure.

Captain Rollaboll had no idea what to expect when he was chosen as the people's champion of the universe. Alone on a silent battlefield scarred by unknown architecture and strange monuments to forgotten wars, the captain must collect all the space orbs to prove that humanity is worth saving. The captain is a sphere.

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Hillbilly Bongo School NEWGROUNDS EDITION


ENJOY IT ENJOY IT... I made some extra controls C V B and M to change the tracks on ANY FRAME... but hte game goes fast you may only be able to enjoy it on the last frame... it will probbaly crash when you restart it but that's part of things.. It's hard to go back, but it can't be that hard to enjoy... Here's a picture of ray for the screenshot, he's not in it but here's a g; for him. Thanks effbee for the input and troubleshooting on the explosion that disappears.. I put a lot of work getting this TGF2 compatible. Not a LOT LOT but a little less than lot lot. More description at the link of course, but yeah hit it, rate it here/there, it's under classic judgement.

Edit: the link at the bottom didn't work for me so I moved the "upload" to the right event.

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Knytt Stories and You: A Tutorial by SoftSoft


So if we're submitting Knytt Stories to the Kart, we should probably have our own tutorial, right? I mean, sure, there's a perfectly fine one bundled with the game itself, but that one doesn't really gibe with Glorious Trainwrecks ethos, right? This is what SoftSoft was thinking when it made this level.

Note that SoftSoft is not allowed to touch Knytt Stories anymore.

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