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a cold mountain peak


I'm not at all sure how to even talk about this one, but I'll give it a shot. It's about the ephemeral sum total of user experiences, so as a singular user you won't see the whole, and really it will be a waste of your time. I'll never see that sum total either, because it isn't real in any real sense, I'll just know it exists. It's also about the things I worry about as a designer that a player will never notice, but that I still consider my job to worry about. It's also about opening the box and finding out the cat is dead, and the sort of freedom I, the person who put the cat in the box, gleam from the possibility space collapsing irreversibly. Except instead of a cat it's this dumb thing that is a waste of your time regardless of if the cat's alive or not.

I haven't figured out yet if people discussing it among themselves ruins or redeems the project.

So please enjoy wasting your time for me on this meta-garbage non-game!

thanks ~

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Knytt Stories and You: A Tutorial by SoftSoft


So if we're submitting Knytt Stories to the Kart, we should probably have our own tutorial, right? I mean, sure, there's a perfectly fine one bundled with the game itself, but that one doesn't really gibe with Glorious Trainwrecks ethos, right? This is what SoftSoft was thinking when it made this level.

Note that SoftSoft is not allowed to touch Knytt Stories anymore.

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