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Lemmings Death Ball


Upside-down breakout crossed with Lemmings. Don't let the Lemmings escape! Make them fall to their death, crush them under a giant metal ball, and make them explode! Featuring three mostly-untested levels.

Game made for the Kickstarter reward game idea "Lemmings, only if there are survivors at the end of the course, you lose"

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Accurate Tupperware Business Simulation


This is how business works in real life, kids. Sheer force of determination, crushing other people's dreams, and a buggy physics engine. Can you make your way to the top (figuratively as well as literally) and eventually own THE ENTIRE WORLD??? Music is virt's take on CANYON.MID

Completed for a Kickstarter request with the idea "A game where you work your way to the top in a job, Dreams and determination". Thank you for your donation!

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An event
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Made for a Kickstarter reward.

Constellation Games is a serial novel by Leonard Richardson, who you might know as the writer of the excellent short story Mallory, or the designer of robotfindskitten. It involves a man whose first instinct when the space aliens arrive is to wonder what kind of videogames they play. Gatekeeper is one of them.

The best way to explain it would be to quote the chapter at you, but basically you're in charge of making sure people transition correctly from the land of the living to the land of the dead, and vice versa. (Ghosts with Serious Business to attend to are allowed to return briefly; but if it's the living half of a dead Farang demanding a refund, flick them back from whence they came.)

Played with the mouse, rather than the inscrutable abacus/pipe organ controller that the Brain Embryo originally shipped with.

Music by goto80; sound effects by RutgerMuller.

Jeremy Penner
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An event
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Wasps vs. Demons: A Love Story


You are Toni, a demon of the House Oni, who has fallen in love with the wasp daughter of the House Hymenoptera. Her family does not approve. Convince them of their mistake and take her hand in girlfriendage. A visual novel / turn-based RPG. I got started ahead of time as this was a request.

Completed as a Kickstarter reward, for a donor who gave the theme "Wasps VS Demons! A love story". Thank you for your donation!

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An event
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Gavin on Mars

gavin on mars.jpg

'A monkey named Gavin has to ride a horse or a unicorn into a castle. Gavin lives on Mars and wears a crown. He is playing games and stuff in the castle. The name of the game is "Gavin on Mars." (Courtesy Eric, age 4)'

A Kickstarter request. I tried to keep the difficulty down in the hope that Eric might play it. There's a wee dedication to him if you press the 'E' key on the last screen.

Gavin on Mars: Eric Expansion Pack
Eric, and SpindleyQ, have since expanded on the game, which you can get here:

Rylie James Thomas
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