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MAGIC DUNGEON is a mini-roguelike, turn-based dungeon-crawler videogame product. Descend and explore the increasingly perilous 50 floors of the magically (procedurally) generated dungeon, collect all the treasures and escape alive!

I made this game in 7 days for the 7DRL Challenge 2023 :)

Fernando Aires Castello
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VVORLAAK (for patrickgh3)


a little world to explore
built using woof.js
following the wishlist of patrickgh3
for spring sekret santa 2020

- wishlist -

tiny and confined areas

- controls -

arrows - movement
z - interact/confirm
x - run/cancel

special thanks to my friend skye for their help with the music
and to my partner alice for ideas, support, and love

Wendy Wildshape
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The Silent Song of Spiders (Final Version Holy Moly I Did It Mom)

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.49.49 PM.png



use the mouse to move the arm

left click to grab

place objects in body to empty hand

you can grab multiple objects in one click, but not in multiple. This means that you must empty your hand before you grab more.

i made this over the course of one sick, miserable day.

i hope you enjoy it, or at least don't hate it.
please review it i need positive reinforcement


*to the person who wrote me that poem i saved it, im sorry it got deleted. this version was made using your commentary. ily*

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I Jab at Thee


for my first GT entry, i made a fighting game! it's a simple but intense little game based loosely on the fencing mechanic from nidhogg. try to hit your opponent's edge of the screen before they can hit yours. moving your weapon up and down lets you parry their attacks and pass their guard.

local multiplayer only for the moment. maybe i'll make a single player mode someday?

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thurs day part ii



This Thursday, I started making a sequel to thurs day, my IGF Pirate Kart submission that got the most 'wtf' responses. This time, it's the history of art games, not video games, and you can press spacebar in addition to pressing the arrow keys.

The graphics, despite largely resembling the previous game, are entirely original this time. The sounds are mostly original too (thanks, malfunctioning microphone port) supplemented by edited audio from the games I referenced.

A word of warning: thurs day part ii is 'contemplative', which is to say, slow-paced to a fault.

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This started out as an attempt to make a better version of Nitrome's Mega Mash, and it gradually grew ever closer back toward ROM CHECK FAIL and WarioWare Inc., the initiators of the 'mashup' genre.

It's primarily an intimation about the tendency of old arcade games to have a strong vertical dynamic to their design. In many such games, the player occupies the bottom half of the screen, and the CPU opponent controls the top half. Every five seconds, ABOVE v. BELOW randomly swaps its bottom-screen player-character and top-screen antagonist with those from several such vertical arcade games, demonstrating that the vertical dynamic inherent in these games allows such match-ups to be both playable and interesting.

Play the game using only the mouse!

This mashes up the following games (don't read if you don't want spoilers):
* Pong
* Breakout
* Space Invaders
* Pinball
* Missile Command
* Pang (a.k.a Buster Bros)
* Crystal Quest (admittedly not a vertical game, but included for variety).

There's no sound because I didn't feel like it.

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Gravity Gunner


You are piloting a space fighter with no weapons, save for the Half-Life-esque Gravity Gun, a device which pulls rocks towards your ship. Use it to navigate the treacherous interstellar terrain ahead. There's one small kink, though - once you start pulling a rock toward you, you can't stop pulling it toward you unless you select another rock. This means you'll have to dodge most of the things you drag out! Be nimble, spacedude.

This is inspired by the Game Boy game Nemesis: The Interstellar Assault in terms of visuals.

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Jesus: The 73rd Coming: Nobody is Left


I was really badly ill today, but I managed to make this in about an hour against all medical advice.

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thurs day


A brief history of video games! Use the arrow keys to do stuff.

Graphics mostly stolen from MYLONELYDAYS.COM. (Defunct!)
Sounds entirely stolen from James.

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Fissure of Reality


Mac and Windows executables included!

This is a first-person dungeon game. Navigate the maze using the Up key to move forward, and the Left and Right keys to turn. Your compass needle points toward north. As you approach the location of the fissure, the needle will waver. The closer you get, the more the needle will swing. When you are on top of the fissure, the needle will behave strangely. Then, press Enter to open the fissure.

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