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finger based game no. 1


Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right: Move, shift gravity.

Press Down relative to the current gravity in order to dive.

Break fingers by diving into them twice.

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An event

Yell at a kid


Do YOU have what it takes to yell at a child?
Holy SMOKES! Look at these features!

-> Real Graphics!

-> Pressing Moral Dilemmas, such as "when should I leave the intro screen", and "should i yell at a child?"

-> YOU choose the story! Will you yell at the child right away, or walk back and forth a few times, first?

-> Mind bending Puzzles! Can you figure out how to WALK ACROSS THE ROOM??

-> Nonstop Action! YELL at a child!! Hit restart! Do it again!

-> Authentic KHROMT poster! Look at it forever!

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An event
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