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Pippin Barr made Sibilant Snakelikes - - many classic and recent games as ssseen through a sssnake-like lenssss. The Shadow of the Colossus and Sensible Soccer versions I liked especially (You should check out his blog as well - )

Anyway, this is basically one of them, but Asteroids, banging once again on my love of x/y inertia in games. Press arrow keys to start the snake thrusting and hunting down the apple/asteroid.

One of my first experiments in generated sound, which I like because having all graphics and sound and gameplay in a single file reminds me of the old days of type-in games in computer magazines.

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An event
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Introducing Passagebalt™

Passage™. Canabalt™. Two masterpieces of the indie game world. But what would happen were they to join forces? Passagebalt™ finally answers this question... and the answer is "the most amazing game of all time".

Passagebalt™. Because Life is a Race™.


Windows (original version, features full SID player)

Windows (no music)



Known issues:

In the original version, SXMS (or possibly Game Maker) is super-buggy. If you get an error message, try playing one of the other versions! The game also starts out of focus, probably because of the SID player I implemented out of pure foolish desire.

The HTML5 versions run a lot slower, but I feel they still communicate the idea sufficiently. The font is also way uglier in the HTML5 version as GameMaker HTML5 refused to scale it to the size I wanted. The music doesn't seem to loop in these versions, so try not to play for more than 2 minutes!

Attempt to credit everyone I ripped off:

Jason Rohrer
Creator of Passage, main character sprites, title font, concept

Adam Saltsman (Adam Atomic)
Creator of Canabalt, background / environmental art, sound effects, concept

Eric Johnson
Canabalt iPhone port

Danny Baranowsky (danny B)
Original music for Canabalt

Mikkel Hastrup (encore)
Commodore 64 song #1: 'Canabalt'

Niklas Sjösvärd (Zabutom)
Commodore 64 song #2: 'Space Fish'

Johannes Bjerregaard
Commodore 64 song #3: 'Rockbuster'

Jeroen Tel
Commodore 64 song #4: 'Golden Axe'

Tomas Danko
Commodore 64 song #5: 'Plastic Pop'

Alan Petrik (Factor6)
Commodore 64 song #6: 'Magic Afternoon'

Rob Hubbard
Commodore 64 song #7: 'Nemesis the Warlock'

Edwin van Santen
Commodore 64 song #8: 'PCW-Tune '88'

Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) & Søren Lund (Jeff)
Commodore 64 song #9: 'Beyond'

Anders Carlsson (Goto80)
Commodore 64 song #0: 'Datahell'

Mark Overmars
Game Maker 7

Brandon Rohrer (Shaltif)
SXMS WinAmp Wrapper for Game Maker


Peter Pawlowski
Nullsoft DirectSound Output

Zbigniew Ross
in_sidplay2 WinAmp module

Simon White
libsidplay2 engine

Dag Lem
reSID library

Zeh Fernando
Nokia Cellphone FC Small font

Panya Thanyaprasertkul

Sergio Cornaga
Director, additional art, concept, 'coding', 'design'

Sergio Cornaga
Made For: 
An event



This started out as an attempt to make a better version of Nitrome's Mega Mash, and it gradually grew ever closer back toward ROM CHECK FAIL and WarioWare Inc., the initiators of the 'mashup' genre.

It's primarily an intimation about the tendency of old arcade games to have a strong vertical dynamic to their design. In many such games, the player occupies the bottom half of the screen, and the CPU opponent controls the top half. Every five seconds, ABOVE v. BELOW randomly swaps its bottom-screen player-character and top-screen antagonist with those from several such vertical arcade games, demonstrating that the vertical dynamic inherent in these games allows such match-ups to be both playable and interesting.

Play the game using only the mouse!

This mashes up the following games (don't read if you don't want spoilers):
* Pong
* Breakout
* Space Invaders
* Pinball
* Missile Command
* Pang (a.k.a Buster Bros)
* Crystal Quest (admittedly not a vertical game, but included for variety).

There's no sound because I didn't feel like it.

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Made For: 
An event
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A Blackthorne and his Blob


Feed jellybeans to your shapeshifting friend to help you gun down aliens.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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