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Birthday Wish Generator


BIRTHDAY WISH GENERATOR, made for the Bedtime Jam. It's my birthday today so it was suggested I make a game to commemorate it in some way. This software toy is the result.

Ready to blow out the candles, but your mind goes blank when it comes to what you're gonna wish for? Let us do it for you! Click your left mouse button on the red button to generate your birthday wish. Made with HTML 5, so it should work with any current web browser.

Event coding in Clickteam Fusion by me. Audio recording and voice by me. Background music is DST-"Canopy" by No Soap Radio, found on the website.


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avoid stuff, shoot stuff!

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Man Dog Macree


I made this game.

I love western guns and heros!

Howdy, Stranger!!!

Devin Wilson
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