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Gnome Gnattles


Gnomes fight to the death... One will emerge victorious.

Sometimes the gods show pity on the Gnomes and give them life rocks

Setup controls for player 1 to be WASD

WASD - Player 1 move
E, Q - Player 1 weapons
Arrows - Player 2 move
Shift, Numpad 1 - Player 2 weapons

Music is remix of fotocopiadora - espíritu del bosque
Gnome drawn by fotocopiadora
Sound effects from dark souls 3, klik & play

Made for grid 4 mysterious industrial building + fantasy creatures + edible rocks

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An event
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Battle Cheese In Spookyland PLUS


For some reason i was inspired to make the other 15 stages i never made for this level. Please note that this is a Kyntt Stories Plus exclusive so i can better take advantage of State-of-the-art Spooking Mechanics. Also i'd like to warn you the level might be Too Spooky this time.

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An event
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Battle Cheese In Spookyland


I was inspired to do all events at once, altough i only managed to make 15 "games". It is recommended you play it on Knytt Stories Plus for secret reasons, but you can still play it on regular KS i think.

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An event

Robot Royale w/ Cheese!


Player 1: Mash Z and X to win
Player 2: Mash N and M to win

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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An event



Battlemons, the exciting 2 player fighting game for two people. I don't have anyone to play it against so tell me how it works out. Also I only had time to add one character.

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An event
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It's a game about this world where everyone does battling with their cattle, shooting popsicles at each other in an attempt to make hamburgers explode outward in clusters.

Featuring lots of MIDIs merged into one. Also features morals and mindfuck and general weirdness. Do not play if you want to keep your sanity.

Click with the mouse to attack.

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An event
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Galaxy Battle


It's a space shooter!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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