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Spheniscidaeaphobia - Blood on the Snow


Spheniscidaeaphobia (it's the fear of penguins, believe it or not) - Blood on the Snow
A game for let-off-studios!
Sorry man for the late gift!

This little game is about a polar bear that is sick of the penguins always eating all of his fish - so he sets out to kill them all.

It is an endless wave game, the penguins get meaner, faster and more deadlier for every wave you complete.
You can also upgrade some of your stats and equipments every wave so to better meet your opponents!

I made it to wave 35-ish, I reckon it will be totally unplayable by wave 60 or something! Hehe. Those little penguins get really mean as you progress...


WASD keys - move player
mouse - aim
Left mouse - shoot MP5
Right mouse - launch grenade

Known bugs:

* Sometimes grenades explode in your face. It doesn't hurt you - it's just annoying that it's wasted.
* Sometimes enemies die off screen - it doesn't effect gameplay, just consider it a bonus :)
* There MAY be a bug with the hi-score stats - however it also doesn't effect gameplay, just annoying if your stats are messed up.

Merry late Christmas! Hope you enjoy! :D
Also, if you have any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know. I'm considering polishing this game and releasing it...

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Satellite Destroyer


<3 <3 <3 ~~~~~ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ANDI ~~~~~ <3 <3 <3
This is almost related to the jam subject you chose.

Crappy game where you can destroy satellites.
Uses real satellite data from NASA's RTTM
(Probably extremely inaccurately projected to flat coordinates.)
If you run the program too many times you will be throttled by NASA's servers. Just wait a few minutes and try again

It takes a long time to load -- it's loading "real time" data from the past 8 hours.

Also -- it will probably crash if you leave it on too long. This is by design. This is caused by the game running out of data points.

Really, really sorry for the awful platform (XNA). It is really the worst when it comes to compatibility. I know most of you won't even install it. (You're not missing much.)

YOU CAN SEE THE SOURCE and compile if you want, but why would you:

All images ripped from all over the place, including NASA.

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Bad Moon


You play as Ednarg, the Bad Moon. Smash innocent people to make juice out of them. remember, only the ultra-high speed can kill the resistent Yellow and Black Joggers. Beware of cops! They don't like assassins, especially moons!

EDIT: Also, contains BLOOOOOOOD

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Shoot Stuff


Some big men wearing red tunics are trying to kill you! Luckily, you are a turret with infinite bullets, so you just shoot them!
Mouse to aim, Left mouse button to shoot.

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Kill Them!


Kill jesus with a sword. well enjoy.

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