Garden Space


"Garden Space" was created in 4 hours by Matt Rix based on some tweeted suggestions.

Use your mouse to protect Neil.

Matt Rix
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An event

7 Seconds A Toaster


You are the captain of a starship. Hunted mercilessly through space by autonomous machines, you must always be ready to run.

They cannot be fought. They cannot be reasoned with.

Maneuver the ship using the WASD keys.
Collide with asteroids to harvest the fuel inside. Use this fuel to power your warp-jump drives.
Each jump costs 1 kilofuel and each asteroid contains 0.1kF.
Jump your ship by pressing the SPACE key.

You must keep jumping. They are always near.

With every jump you make, crew members will take the chance to escape into the Warp Stream.
Keep jumping until they all escape.

They will find you after 7 seconds.
Always 7 seconds.


This game is inspired by the first episode of the 2005 re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. I really liked the idea of always knowing when the enemy is going to turn up and not being able to do anything about it. If I had lots of time I'd make more of a strategic game idea of it, but as it goes it's pretty frantic. All the sounds were made using and the game itself was made using flashpunk.

Craig Johnston (@oatsbarley)
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An event

Spirograph Skies


This is basically The Terrible Terrible Turret multiplied by 12. Though, this really began as a hack of Helipong.

Light up the night sky with a scintillating array of automatic laser fire! Use the arrows to rotate the ring of cannons, and see how long you can last before they are destroyed in a glorious blaze.

TIP: Get a friend to watch you play so they can tell you how cool the screen looks.

Oh, and here's something neat: unlike The Terrible Terrible Turret, I randomised the variables in the attack progression sequence. So, you'll get a slightly different kind of laser show every time you play.

Background "A Spring Sky Over Hirsau Abbey" via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Leon Arnott
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An event


spacemen screen.png

A three player multiplayer game, all on the same keyboard. However, there are some cooperative aspects to it as well.

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An event
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Super Radical Space Asteroids 8000


A completely original game. It isn't a clone of an old arcade game. Nope, not at all.

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An event
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Drug-Induced Emo Fun Times


A game where you play as Steve the sad emo kid who just lost his boyfriend Adam and the tennis tournament in the same day! Attempt to get out of bed and turn on the lights while being under the influence of an ecstasy-like drug that your neighbor Buchelle slipped into your water. If you can find your way back to the Milky Way Galaxy, you win!

El0ellei & Xevo
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An event

Repair Mother Russia

Repair Mother Russia.png

A small space shooter with a minor Russian theme to it. There's a lot of upgrades to get and some basic missions to complete. Repair Mother Russia is a weekend game jam by Joccish (Marklund Games) and Mackyman (Coffeestain Studios).

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Pirate Kart 2
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Pirate kart V:The chase

Scren short.PNG

The story is in the game.

One more day until the Pirate Kart begins.
Sadly I'm going to be on the plane tomorrow so I might not be online until later.

The controls are also in the game.

It's kinda short though.

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An event

Frozen Planetini


This is a quick game, inspired primarily by forum posts describing ZiGGURAT, a game I have not yet played or seen footage of. It is also a continuation of the themes of Make Me a Moon and Satellalune, as well as the gravity-well aiming oddities of Super Calamity Annie Galaxy.

Your tiny planet has grown icy as its sun grows old. To get closer to its sun, you'll have to float through hostile Gellitron territory. Use the North Pole Turret to bounce shots off your planet's shiny exterior to launch them at foes! Red shots do three times the damage of yellow shots.

Click and drag above the planet to fire shots. The farther you click, the higher they will arc.

Leon Arnott
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An event
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