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A game about grids that increase in the number of lines it contains at a slow meditative pace.

It was an experiment in creating an abstract emotional experience.
I don't think it achieved my desired result though but I couldn't find how to make it work better.

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Digitized zine based on comics my friend makes about his dreams, made with DADADADADADA very loosely in mind.

If you reach a page without options, it's an ending, use your browser's back button or something.

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Storm Is Coming


Storm Is Coming.

Originally created in 2009, a short black and white adventure in a grassy valley.

Storm is coming and the rain is going to flood the valley unless you find help. There are three animals that can help you. Nothing is obvious but there are hints provided in the game if you get stuck.

Jan Strach
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Pong Hack Dot Exe


HACK your way to riches!
EXPLOIT pong nerds!
CARVE your face into the moon!

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