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Help the tiny little mouse collect all the cheese by sweeping a safe path for them, avoiding all the traps in the way!

The game currently doesn't have a tutorial, sorry about that, so I highly recommend reading the included "how to play.txt". It contains all the controls and instructions on how to play. A tutorial might be added in a future version!

But here are the basic controls:
arrow keys - move the mouse, sweep, place flags
X or shift - toggle between placing flags or sweeping
escape - start a new level

Thank you for playing!

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Labirinto do Dragão


A horrible text-based puzzle game I made back in 2010, a hybrid between minesweeper and Hunt The Wumpus.

Sorry it's all written in Portuguese, but the game should be self-explanatory (but it's not) and even if you don't understand Portuguese this will probably just make it more cryptic than it already is.

Fernando Aires Castello
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for Akair : P***WORD CRACKER


this game is for akair
this is basically a minesweeper, but a little bit different
you can play with for different difficulty, just press 1/2/3/4

made with unity, there's a web version and desktop version for win,mac and linux

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Dodge Bouncing Balls


I got the idea for this game from the title of Kenta Cho's new game Deadly Balls Bounce. The game itself is inspired by Hundreds and Minesweeper.


WASD - Move.
Left click - Tag ball.

Tag only the dangerous bellyballs to win the level. The dangerous bellyballs bounce off the edges of the screen, whereas the harmless ones wrap around.

If you want more videogame ideas like this, here's a shindan: http://en.shindanmaker.com/309864

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You are a submarine! Click your mouse to use your radar to avoid the hidden mines! Collect the gold! Run away from the shark!

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Poop Scoop


Scoop up the cat litter but watch out for the poop. Gameplay is similar to Minesweeper. Art by Kiki Snell.

Tim Elzinga
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