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Dr. Gnome


Dr Gnome is a terrible doctor

he has no medical license

WARNING: spawns about 900 objects accidentally, do not play if you have like 1 gb of ram

For Grid 2 Reverse Gravity World + Fantasy Creatures + Medicine

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The Terror


A small diorama. Just one room

Made in just over a day. It's my bedroom, in quarantine, with COVID-19 everywhere outside. It was a beautiful sunny day

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BINKY VI: The Binktastic Voyage


The sixth in the award winning BINKY Series.

WARNING: This game is rated T for Tweat for: Intense Depiction of Human Organs.

The human body has been infested by the VIROIDS: creatures from another world.
It's up to BINKY to stop them before they can take over the world.
Control BINKY in the MICRO-SUB to stop the dangerous VIROIDS.

The first person to stop all 70 VIROIDS may recieve a special prize in five to seven business days.

Developer: Well, I got a cold but the boss said I couldn't take the day off.
Interviewer: That doesn't sound good.
Developer: So I told the BINKY team: what if BINKY could go inside my body and fight the viruses?
Programmer: We thought it was a great idea.
Developer: And now it's BINKY history!

WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - movement

Zelda CD-i assets ripped by Glutko:
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey assets ripped by Ultimecia:
Mice pictures from Merely Mice:
Music - "Home Alone - Treehouse" by Octal Livershite

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Backdoor.Spyboter Takes A Cruise!


Backdoor.Spyboter only wanted a nice vacation on a cruise ship, but duty calls! Hack all the cell phone signals of unaware guests and avoid the CIA's new Anti-Hacking Dragon Technology!

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