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tasty chocolate shoes

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welcome to your first day as a chocolate shoe arranger! please the endless chain of underwear babes by making them custom chocolate shoes. what's a chocolate shoe? it's a shoe filled with chocolate. it's a smelly ass nasty shoe that someone's been wearing all dang day that's filled with chocolate. i dunno but people buy it so make it for them. please try really hard to pair a good shoe with a good chocolate. really think about how the smells and flavors go together. the last guy was terrible. we couldn't let him go because it's impossible to hire shoe chocolatiers in this city but it's not like we're sad to see him gone. i can't believe i got roped into going to his weedding. i think if i just don't go he'll forget he invited me but i don't want to risk it. oh they get those place mats and stuff at weddings huh they'll definitely notice if i bail. fuckkk yeah i guess i have to go. anyway good luck

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Welcome to Grosstown, a place where being disgusting is the only way to live. Unfortunately, an evil monster seems to be lurking in the sewers, the towns source of water and nutrition. It's up to you, PUS, to save the town.

Or it would have been if I'd finished!

Arrows to move, enter/Z key to interact.

Open RPG_RT to run (the icon is a guy with a sword)

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Eat Until You Explode!


Eat stuff until you explode, sometimes your digestive system works and you poop and wont explode. Beat your digestive system.

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