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Skate8 (For Stranger)


"I would like to be able to deface things. Either with spray paint, or stickos, replacing props with my own, or some other way to fuck shit up and make things dope. I also like to go fast and jump far."

Sorry it's late.

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Tonny Hawk's Skate Boring Avdenture


It's a game about skateboarding and stuff. You play as Tonny Hawk. The goal is to save skateboarding or something.
CONTROLS: arrow keys to move, shift to jump, escape to quit the game, space to get past the title screen, and backspace to restart.

Music by Safety-Based Rope (you can find his musics on soundcloud), DrMustardDDSMDPhD/WBojangles as his username on this website, and Scott Joplin's Great Crush Collision March for the title screen.
Graphics from whatever I could find on Google Images in five seconds.

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