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Crate Wars


just found this game lying around, and i noticed that i didn't upload this one! so here it is.

Prepare to look like a freak while playing this game, because the button-mashing was pushed to its limit! mash X and C to throw crates! Press Z to jump! fight 5 enemies!

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Disc Gunner


"Stand aside, Portal Gun! Gravity Gun? More like Gravity Gone, because here's the latest, greatest addition to the ridiculous super-science videogame arsenal."

This game stars the Disc Gun from the Vlambeer game Super Crate Box. This deadly weapon bounces off walls and has a habit of killing its wielder more often than not. Nevertheless, you must use it to bust through this cave, in hopes of finding a great treasure.

There are powerup crates, which cause a sort of "Zugzwang" situation - you have to collect then, but they only make the weapon more deadly to yourself.

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Animal Control


Strange monsters are replicating every few seconds. Destroy them quickly with your two machine guns!
CRAP! Forgot to load them first! Grab ammo from the nearby containers.

Up/Down = Movement of both guns.
LMB on crate or barrel = load 50 bullets into a single gun.
Nothing as long as ammo is in = guns shoot automatically.

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Pirate Kart 2
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