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The Longshoreman's Solace

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You are a proud Longshoreman, born and raised in the city of 1950s Boston, where dreams are made and hearts are broken. You work the city's ports, a dangerous, laborious task that can only be undertaken by a real man's man. Work is scarce, and you've got mouths to feed, along with a weary wife at home who depends on you. Deliver the cargo from the docks to Local Union Chapter 593, a Longshoreman's Union owned by a corrupt yet just executive who has the whole town under his thumb. Dodge local lawmen and elegant gunslinging mafiosos; explode TNT and kill cops with stray bullets to make your life easier; grind out your measly comeuppance, day after day. Skin grown hard as leather in the jungles of these docks. Smell the salt on the wind, look up at that clear blue sky, and wonder -- will I ever make it out of this rat race we call the American Dream? Oh lord have mercy -- I can't be ground down like this forever in this hell of rust and iron. Visions of your family come to you, almost angelic in the early morning light. Your run-down hovel in the Irish Block -- is this all you have to show for your grueling work? Is this really all you can give them? But it's 6:00, and you can hear the horns -- the ships coming into harbor. No time for pondering, it's time to get to work. So get at em, cowboy -- we can find a million other FOB micks who would gladly take your place.

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Nesso and the Big Blue Sea

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Originally released in 2014.

Hello! Welcome to my game!

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Mouse - Look around

Content warnings
There is a lot of ocean in this game and you can fall off the edge in the Video Game Void so please be careful!

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support!
Thanks to Lilith for creating "Oneiric Gardens", especially the part with the surfboard.
Thanks to Lego Island for making me think about beautiful little 3d worlds.
Thanks to Joiro Hatagaya for creating the 8bit-wonder font!
Thanks to Parade of Sinners for making the song "Oh, What A World!" that is featured in this game.


There is a secret in the game, can you find it?

Marie Gevaudan
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I don't have a ton to say about this, it's just about some stuff that's been on my mind recently. Also, wanted to make a moderate-sized thing to try and figure out unity.

It's a fairly big download (~100MB).

18/03/14 Update:
- Numerous minor text adjustments/refinements
- Game now starts from the title screen, which also displays the controls
- Walking speed in the mine has been increased
- Can immediately quit the game at any time by pressing ESC
- Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience

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Tales of Whales


Out on the ocean, atop the whales, you must collect as many stars as you can.

Press 'X' to jump. Arrow keys to move.

John D. Moore
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Fisher Fears


Catch fish for money and beat those bloodthirsty sharks back from your small boat on the ocean.

From the start, you can catch any fish by clicking on it and knock sharks away by clicking on them as well. Shop upgrades and items will aid you in both areas. Eventually you'll find killer whales and they don't care whether you're shocking them or hooking them, you need to do serious damage to keep them away and that's only possible with the anti-shark items.

Shop rundown:
Nets slow fish down

Electric Rods allow you to fish by holding down the mouse button

Trash Traps are cheap and do little damage

Sea Mines instantly kill a shark/orca and damage neighbors.

Shark Hunter XS's make great long-term additions to your defense

Also, I don't support shark or whale violence. They're cool animals, don't hurt one unless you or another person are in serious danger and have no other option.

Based on a Kickstarter supporters idea:
"Player is on a boat surrounded by sharks. Fish to make money to buy anti-shark devices. Fishing tower defense!"

Zach Helm / Schwiggy
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