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Gun Dream

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I haven't posted a game on here is ages!

I tihnk my favourite things about this game is just watched the reflections and shadows and things move about. Filling a room with glittery bullets. Trappign furniature mid-air and spinning.

Also I think I'm going to be sevenzipping my archives from now on, hope that okay with people?


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Real Estate Reaper


A small puzzle game, since I followed the two hour limit I really only got the tutorial in there but it should be an interesting minute or so. I may eventually come back and add more levels to this if I get around to it.

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Double Dragon Destroys Houses


I was trying to develop a Beat 'em Up engine, but somehow, it turned into that.

X - punch
Z - kick

Hold the X button to perform an uppercut combo. Only the Uppercut combo can destroy the houses, the kick will only keep the house away from the sun.

Keep the houses away from the sun by punching and kicking in the old style!

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