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run start.bat to play

this game is made to reference the latest koi puncher game that just came out and that I have not played.
this is that game
i am not associated with whatnot games
any statements I may or may not make do not reflect on the whatnot games brand.
usage of elements resembling those in koi puncher falls under fair use
yeargh sound belongs rightfully to clickteam
bubblz sound belongs rightfully to someone, probably
probably the images belong to people too
it's all fair use i swear

what does fair use mean?

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Kick Jumper


Something i made on KnP. click on the screen to do jump kicks to the robots but avoid the walls.

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An event
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Double Dragon Destroys Houses


I was trying to develop a Beat 'em Up engine, but somehow, it turned into that.

X - punch
Z - kick

Hold the X button to perform an uppercut combo. Only the Uppercut combo can destroy the houses, the kick will only keep the house away from the sun.

Keep the houses away from the sun by punching and kicking in the old style!

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An event
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