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BINKY VI: The Binktastic Voyage


The sixth in the award winning BINKY Series.

WARNING: This game is rated T for Tweat for: Intense Depiction of Human Organs.

The human body has been infested by the VIROIDS: creatures from another world.
It's up to BINKY to stop them before they can take over the world.
Control BINKY in the MICRO-SUB to stop the dangerous VIROIDS.

The first person to stop all 70 VIROIDS may recieve a special prize in five to seven business days.

Developer: Well, I got a cold but the boss said I couldn't take the day off.
Interviewer: That doesn't sound good.
Developer: So I told the BINKY team: what if BINKY could go inside my body and fight the viruses?
Programmer: We thought it was a great idea.
Developer: And now it's BINKY history!

WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - movement

Zelda CD-i assets ripped by Glutko:
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey assets ripped by Ultimecia:
Mice pictures from Merely Mice:
Music - "Home Alone - Treehouse" by Octal Livershite

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An event
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You are a submarine! Click your mouse to use your radar to avoid the hidden mines! Collect the gold! Run away from the shark!

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An event

Battle Yacht vs Hidden Sub


Fire depth charges until you find the enemy submarine! But he will fire back, so find him quickly!

Adrian Gordon
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An event

Pirate Cousteau


Argh mateys, Jacques Cousteau has hoisted the Jolly Roger and gone PIRATE! Get yer lily liver down to the bottom of the sea and help him find all the glorious treasure. But beware, there be giant squids who aren't too happy to see you!

Click and to raise your submarine to the surface
Get the coins
Avoid the squids!

Game by Jenna Hoffstein
Music & Sounds by Renzo Heredia

Jenna Hoffstein
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An event
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