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Small Boy Adventures 2


Ladies and gentlemen, i present you one of the most unbelievable earlier "trainwrecks" i made.
This is a horrible platformer full of triggering traps i made (and it has even waligie in it because fuck logic).
And yes, don't expect it to be made in cool MMF2, it's made in Game Maker 8.

To skip levels just press F12 if you fail a lot.

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convoy no nazo 2


hi i'm not dead
this is some thing I did like a year and a half ago
press shift to jump and z to shoot

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An event

Show Me The Money: The Remake From Memory: Abridged


Based on what I remember from my first completed game on Klik & Play back in the mid to late 90's. Multiple controls and rules for levels.
Collect money from your housemates to steal a spaceship to get back home to [not included] stop evil aliens from taking over. Eventually led to two completed sequels and one that was in the works. All of which have since been lost.

Level 1:
8-way movement = Move
Collect all coins to advance to next level.
Collision with enemies restarts entire level.

Level 2:
Platform movement = Move
Button 1 = Jump
Get to LEM to finish level.
Getting hit with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 3:
Controls in-game
Button 1 = shoot
Shoot all asteroids to complete level.
Collision with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 4:
Same as last level.
Get to Mars to finish level.

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Pirate Kart 2
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