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Zombie Killer


This was my 2nd game made with Stencyl.
Old archived webpage: https://web.archive.org/web/20201206003856/https://chris24xd.itch.io/zombie-killer (btw when l ask about WHO HACKED IT, l didn't know l mistakely had put permissions lol)

---------------Old Description: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello guys.
This is my 2nd game that l made with Stencyl.
l don't wanna make you got tired so play freely or read this information:
Oh noes...
Zombies and other mobs entered in the Earth to kill you and you must pass Levels to unlock weapons and new mobs. You unlock 1 mob and 1 weapon when you pass each 3 Levels.
How to Play:

Practise Mode:
Spacebar: Use sword.
Click on "Spawn Zombie!!!" button to spawn a zombie.
Normal Mode:
- At level 2 and later...
- Up Arrow: Make Player Jump.
Click on weapons to use them.
End of The Demo...
Left Arrow: Move Player Left.
Right Arrow: Move Player Right.
- Warning: The has lots of bugs that l'll fix them later.
OR tell in the comments the bugs.
Future Updates:
- l'll fix those bugs.
- Add 5 more maps.
And other more things... (which l didn't do sadly :'( )
Game Created: Chris24XD
App Used: Stencyl

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Skeleton Game

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 11.30.59 PM.png

this is an instructional game for what to do when i die
don't worry, i am not planning on dying any time soon
but if i die unexpectedly, this is what you do
maybe like this is a loose guideline,
i don't really remember what it says at this point,
i made it a while ago
basically put my body in one of those decomposition forests
and then make sure that my skeleton goes on an adventure
and turn that adventure into a fmv game
i would really appreciate that, thanks
this is the 100th thing i have uploaded to this website,

blake's skeleton

photos by steven herzog and logan green
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Shallotwings 97


so when we ever go to a potluck my antistatic glare she always asks me did you remember to bring your coat and i say yes my bonespur and he says how long do we have to stay at this damn thing anyway and i tell them oh the next five thousand years hun this where they're gonna find us in the cold lava rock just ashes in a pocket of air and then just
they always
form into a ball and bark, dribbling butter all over the patio

cut to black, 1.1s

anyw** i made this ages ago from a time when i had time and it seemed like maybe if it were on the table then the potluck would look bigger, just by having another cling-wrapped platter, neverminding the food's expired, etc, by a few years, i

pilotwings 64 was a source of solace once now a fond memory, we were driven to build a new one to give someone else that solace in the age of turgid copyright golems and four or less types of AAA game but! of course it's hard, much too hard, and of course attention wanders, ghosts visit us for tea, little nothings crawl out of the floorboards and mumble softly around our shins and knees
i mean
this is all i've made to that end thus far and set down in the soft stinking clay of the internet


[ed. note: blinking/possible epilepsy warning on level 2. music credit goes to "Uncle Milk" via the recently-acquired Free Music Archive (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Uncle_Milk/). game may not work properly if not played fullscreen -- please send reports, though we can't guarantee that the author is still capable of fixing it, what with Unity versions having marched onward by years and months and weeks and evenings, unto the fabled land of Wild Things, sitting by a window, sadly pondering the duty of love, of incompatibilities in human needs, of how many breaths one might need to even finish this sentence good luck]

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Small Boy Adventures 2


Ladies and gentlemen, i present you one of the most unbelievable earlier "trainwrecks" i made.
This is a horrible platformer full of triggering traps i made (and it has even waligie in it because fuck logic).
And yes, don't expect it to be made in cool MMF2, it's made in Game Maker 8.

To skip levels just press F12 if you fail a lot.

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convoy no nazo 2


hi i'm not dead
this is some thing I did like a year and a half ago
press shift to jump and z to shoot

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Show Me The Money: The Remake From Memory: Abridged


Based on what I remember from my first completed game on Klik & Play back in the mid to late 90's. Multiple controls and rules for levels.
Collect money from your housemates to steal a spaceship to get back home to [not included] stop evil aliens from taking over. Eventually led to two completed sequels and one that was in the works. All of which have since been lost.

Level 1:
8-way movement = Move
Collect all coins to advance to next level.
Collision with enemies restarts entire level.

Level 2:
Platform movement = Move
Button 1 = Jump
Get to LEM to finish level.
Getting hit with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 3:
Controls in-game
Button 1 = shoot
Shoot all asteroids to complete level.
Collision with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 4:
Same as last level.
Get to Mars to finish level.

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Pirate Kart 2
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