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Juni's Nightmare


This is really late.

david c & Sergio Cornaga
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stanley melberg: accursed accountant


A fan sequel to hugs' stanley melberg: enchanted accountant! Took me several more hours than I was expecting.

Again, I made both EXE and HTML5 versions. I think the EXE is slightly better.

Spacebar = start game
Left and right arrow keys = move
F4 = fullscreen

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Introducing Passagebalt™

Passage™. Canabalt™. Two masterpieces of the indie game world. But what would happen were they to join forces? Passagebalt™ finally answers this question... and the answer is "the most amazing game of all time".

Passagebalt™. Because Life is a Race™.


Windows (original version, features full SID player)

Windows (no music)



Known issues:

In the original version, SXMS (or possibly Game Maker) is super-buggy. If you get an error message, try playing one of the other versions! The game also starts out of focus, probably because of the SID player I implemented out of pure foolish desire.

The HTML5 versions run a lot slower, but I feel they still communicate the idea sufficiently. The font is also way uglier in the HTML5 version as GameMaker HTML5 refused to scale it to the size I wanted. The music doesn't seem to loop in these versions, so try not to play for more than 2 minutes!

Attempt to credit everyone I ripped off:

Jason Rohrer
Creator of Passage, main character sprites, title font, concept

Adam Saltsman (Adam Atomic)
Creator of Canabalt, background / environmental art, sound effects, concept

Eric Johnson
Canabalt iPhone port

Danny Baranowsky (danny B)
Original music for Canabalt

Mikkel Hastrup (encore)
Commodore 64 song #1: 'Canabalt'

Niklas Sjösvärd (Zabutom)
Commodore 64 song #2: 'Space Fish'

Johannes Bjerregaard
Commodore 64 song #3: 'Rockbuster'

Jeroen Tel
Commodore 64 song #4: 'Golden Axe'

Tomas Danko
Commodore 64 song #5: 'Plastic Pop'

Alan Petrik (Factor6)
Commodore 64 song #6: 'Magic Afternoon'

Rob Hubbard
Commodore 64 song #7: 'Nemesis the Warlock'

Edwin van Santen
Commodore 64 song #8: 'PCW-Tune '88'

Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) & Søren Lund (Jeff)
Commodore 64 song #9: 'Beyond'

Anders Carlsson (Goto80)
Commodore 64 song #0: 'Datahell'

Mark Overmars
Game Maker 7

Brandon Rohrer (Shaltif)
SXMS WinAmp Wrapper for Game Maker


Peter Pawlowski
Nullsoft DirectSound Output

Zbigniew Ross
in_sidplay2 WinAmp module

Simon White
libsidplay2 engine

Dag Lem
reSID library

Zeh Fernando
Nokia Cellphone FC Small font

Panya Thanyaprasertkul

Sergio Cornaga
Director, additional art, concept, 'coding', 'design'

Sergio Cornaga
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thurs day part ii



This Thursday, I started making a sequel to thurs day, my IGF Pirate Kart submission that got the most 'wtf' responses. This time, it's the history of art games, not video games, and you can press spacebar in addition to pressing the arrow keys.

The graphics, despite largely resembling the previous game, are entirely original this time. The sounds are mostly original too (thanks, malfunctioning microphone port) supplemented by edited audio from the games I referenced.

A word of warning: thurs day part ii is 'contemplative', which is to say, slow-paced to a fault.

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Worker & Parasite: The Game



Back in June, inspired by Silly Family and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games, I set out to make a fake arcade game adaptation of Worker and Parasite. Things were looking good. Unfortunately, they weren't playing good, so I removed all the gameplay and sent the art asset filled Game Maker file to my original inspiration, rhetoricstu. This is what we created.

Mark Gobbin provided the music, a remix of Jonkvrouwe by Goto80.

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thurs day


A brief history of video games! Use the arrow keys to do stuff.

Graphics mostly stolen from MYLONELYDAYS.COM. (Defunct!)
Sounds entirely stolen from James.

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Silly family - an original


Your family eggs are escape! you must collect them. then other stuff happens. and the argue. and the throwing of churros.

and then it crashes, the end.


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Nick Simmons Simulator

Picture 1.png

A VERY REALISTIC simulator of the life of Nick Simmons! This one's for Windows.

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Pirate Kart 2
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