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Apollo 11 - The Remake


Join the Apollo 11 in their journey to the moon.

Made for the “Dark Side of the Jam – A NASA Hosted Game Jam”.

Made by Gal Pasternak(@galman33) and Raz freedman(@Yinara100).

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Asteroid Defense


Protect Earth from incoming asteroids! See how many of the ten asteroids you can shoot down with your plasma cannons! Art by Kiki Snell.

Tim Elzinga
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A Flash Jumping Space Game of Awesome!
Space is Jump (You CAN double jump)
"S" key is shrink down - making you smaller, and throwing you to the ground quickly (necessary to learn this control if you want to get a good score).

It's a simple avoider style game, where the things to avoid come round the planet you're perched on, in your obviously-not-a-portal-companion-cube-ripoff character.

Gordon D Mckendrick
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7 Seconds A Toaster


You are the captain of a starship. Hunted mercilessly through space by autonomous machines, you must always be ready to run.

They cannot be fought. They cannot be reasoned with.

Maneuver the ship using the WASD keys.
Collide with asteroids to harvest the fuel inside. Use this fuel to power your warp-jump drives.
Each jump costs 1 kilofuel and each asteroid contains 0.1kF.
Jump your ship by pressing the SPACE key.

You must keep jumping. They are always near.

With every jump you make, crew members will take the chance to escape into the Warp Stream.
Keep jumping until they all escape.

They will find you after 7 seconds.
Always 7 seconds.


This game is inspired by the first episode of the 2005 re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. I really liked the idea of always knowing when the enemy is going to turn up and not being able to do anything about it. If I had lots of time I'd make more of a strategic game idea of it, but as it goes it's pretty frantic. All the sounds were made using and the game itself was made using flashpunk.

Craig Johnston (@oatsbarley)
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An event
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