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SchoolQuest I: Why I Don't Like Microsoft


The beginning of my SchoolQuest series. The original intent was to crank out a game while at my school, idle and doing nothing in particular. Over time, it slowly changed course, and I am now working on the final project, which is not made at school, but rather, about my school. This is a simple Twine micro-game. It was styled and written in the span of four hours.

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An event

Secret Labrotory


Explore the laboratory in Glorious 3D! Experience what its really like to be a scientist, infinitely spinning in his tiny lab home.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: You need to be able to push the arrow keys on your picture viewer.

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An event
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Technology threatens to eliminate music! Only one man can stand up to this threat... the Pianoman.

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Pirate Kart 2
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