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Frogger Football


Frogger Football also known as Frogger Revelations: Soccer Crisis in NTSC regions.

Frogger must use his hands to defend the radioactive van from destruction!!! The hope of Utopia depends on it.

The van is radioactive so Frogger cannot touch it.

WASD - Move left hand
Arrows - Move right hand

R - reset game

Music is the opening of Inu No Omawarisan 犬のおまわりさん

Made for Grid 3 Utopia + Animals with Hands + Vsan

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yellow jogge.png

A mappack for the glorious Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness. Contains five levels and a story you may or may not get around to reading. Although it does make this whole thing actually worthwhile.

Load the .arr files using the level editor function of your legally obtained copy of Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness, and click Play. If you want to follow the story, play the levels in order and consult the readme.txt.

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An event

The Adventures of Cecily: Escape from the Tedious Event


Cecily, administrative coordinator for a major arts organization, dreams of something more...

But she’s currently trapped at the cocktail reception of a major fundraiser and needs to escape before the long-winded speeches and sponsor acknowledgments begin.

Using only highly honed conversation skills, can you make it past the clucking clustered guests standing between Cecily and the exit? Only you can help Cecily reach her true creative potential outside of the thankless world of arts administration…

Toy Temp is Eric Emery, Henry Faber, Dann Toliver, and Jennie Faber

Toy Temp
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An event
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