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Angela Merkel, elle est bien?


A breakout clone about the ambivalence of language~


"Ouvert" one said gesturing towards our bags. I was trying to somehow translate to the person next to me, although I'm not sure if I actually understood any more than they did. I told them to open their bag and then emptied my pockets into the metal tray. Just some sunglasses and my nokia phone. the person next to me had now opened their bag and was trying to empty it all over the desk. In at least two different languages we all tried to explain that there was no need to do so.

We then walked through the metal arch one after another.

I was already through trying to pack up my bag, when one guard turned to the person behind me, "passeports". "pardon?" they said. I explained that they should get their ID card out and we hurried over to the other side of the boom barrier.

They couldn't find us on the list. They looked it over twice or three times. We were just standing there for a long time. A bit worried. The others on the opposite side of the window frame. A bit confused. I'm not sure for whom it was more uncomfortable, us or the security guards. They didn't speak any english. I told them that we were from germany. One of them asked something back. Something about Angela Merkel? I think they just asked me if Angela Merkel was feeling well. "Quest-c'elle fait? Uhhhhh... Je ne... Je ne..."


Gameplay by slime, gfx by dinosaur. Based on the true story. And yes, this is my first clickteam fusion game.

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An event
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Click to create bricks. Once you've made all your bricks, the ball will start moving. See how long you can last!

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Pirate Kart 2
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