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Flashbulb Litter Survey


This game... oh boy. It took me way longer than I thought it would. It's such a simple idea, but making a bunch of little pictures, no matter how ridiculous they were, and then hacking them apart and turning them "invisible" is so unbelievably time consuming. I feel TIRED after making this game. I feel RELIEVED that I am finished making this game.

However, I do feel that the main mechanic is pretty interesting and I'd like to see somebody far more talented than I put it to use in a different genre.

Basically, you crawl around on the ground until you see a pile of litter. You crawl over the litter so your head is directly above it, and hit space bar. This takes a "photo" - really dumps a screenshot to your clipboard. From there you open your favorite graphics program and paste the "photo", then "develop" it by using the fill tool, free select, rotate tools etc. until it is visible and all pieced back together. Is it even worth your time? Who knows?????

I tried to make the atmosphere a little strange, and I guess part of the reason I put so much time in it is that "go around a screen until you find something and see what it looks like" is a little too thematically similar to my other game Bileview and I wanted to make it a bit more mechanically different than that.

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Klik & Paint


Just a toy i made for fun. i know it's kind of shitty, but the KNP's object number limitation didn't give me the choice to make it better. well enjoy anyway.

Press mouse1 to paint with primary color
Press mouse2 to paint with secondary color
Press Spacebar to paint the whole screen with primary color

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Paint in the void using the ghost of a cat.

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SSSnake (Painter)

SSSnake (Painter)ss.png

This version you need to fill the screen with your paint-tail

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