Marvelous Bacon Teaches Toppings


Learn how to prepare food properly the Marvelous Bacon way!

Marvelous Bacon will go through the 3 food groups, teaching you which toppings to use for which foods, and finally allows YOU to apply the right amount of toppings! Soon you will be a master topping chef!

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An event

Big Rigs Over The Road FPS


Brace yourselves! It's an action-packed, fun-filled adventure into the depths of the dungeons! It's gonna be wild down there!

(I spent too long on this ;_;)

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An event

15 sketches


15 games in ACK and Megazeux

1. Dungeon
2. Forest
3. Time Travel
4. Reading Rainbow
5. Mad Max
6. Robots
7. Alien Planet
8. The Cool Guy
9. Painting
10. Programming
11. Savage
12. Cut the Line
13. Mirror Self
14. Pancakes vs Waffles
15. Trainwreck

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An event

maves bocan teches tipeng 2


Learn to spell *real words* while getting rained on by *bullets*.

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An event



You are /FIGHTER/SPARROW/, defender of the skies. Help to restore peace to the world!

Thanks to DeathEnhanced for the idea.

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An event



Boulderdash clone made using 100% MegaZeux builtins.

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An event

dodge the bullets 2: never stop dodging


The famous high speed action of dodge the bullet just got better. See if you can beat the high score!

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An event
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