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no world

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don't be fooled by the file size, you can beat the game in 10sec.
end goal: find the black knight

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An event
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Numerous Wizards


A game improvised in about 10 minutes in front of a live audience at Babycastles, to demonstrate the playfulness and joy of Klik & Play.

You can play it in your browser but it's just gonna start crawling when the wizards start flying, so if you're on Windows, please download it. There's a 32-bit .exe included as well as the original Klik & Play version.

Important: I made this game while dressed as a Klik & Play wizard.

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An event
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66 and 6/6ths


better late than never!

from the suggestions of:
loud music
sexy times
fun futurism

I think I did all of them
fun is a bit objective!

for anothergod

tried to make something that feels like you're actually using magic to some extent
tell me what you think!

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An event
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You are a Fireball


Thought I should add this game I made for the Makega.me 'Spells' pageant.

It has a single-player mode, and a split-screen two-player mode.

Level layouts are randomish. Maybe backspace or escape resets. I removed scores tallies and other such things to make the fireball simularion more accurate.

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An event
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Wizards are Blocking my Free Throws!


Wizards are blocking all of your free-throws. What a bunch of jerks! Show those wizards who is the true champion.

Alec Thomson
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An event
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