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Random Access Rememberer


Made for 7 Day Unlucky Jam (Theme: LUCK BASED GAME) & One Hour Game Jam #155 (Theme: Random Access Memory)
To play, press Spacebar (purposeful) or F2 (fun)

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Saucer Sandy's Moon Escape


Windows and HTML5 versions now available!

This is a randomly-generated space dungeon arena shooter. Help Saucer Sandy escape this prison moon by fighting various bosses and collecting powerups.

This is loosely inspired by Hero Core, The Binding of Isaac, You Have To Win The Game, Clu Clu Land, and my old game Heart of Gold.

Music by Heatbeat. Font by codeman38.

I choose to believe that my working several hours overtime on this will make up for everyone else's sparse showing this month.

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Random Generation Maze


Alright this game is mostly pointless. Just try to get to the top with a combination of shooting the walls and exploiting glitches in Multimedia Fusion's platforming engine.

CONTROLS: arrow keys to move, shift to jump, ctrl to shoot, crashing into a wall while on the descending part of a jump while holding shift and then probably pressing the arrow key in the opposite direction of the wall immediately after collision/during collision to wall jump, which can be repeated as many times as you want if you figure it out

MUSIC: Made by Safety-Based Rope. He lives on soundcloud.com

SOUND EFFECTS: The sound of the gun shooting is some guy pronouncing a click, the kind that are found mainly in African languages. The sound of a block being destroyed is a voiceless velar fricative, which is a German ch or a Russian x or a Chinese h or an Arabic kh probably or whatever transliteration is being used at the time or Scottish ch. Yeah.

Okay have fun.

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