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Top-down action game, sort of inspired by a mix of Robotron, Gauntlet, and Defenders of Oasis. Shoot all the ghouls to move on through the silver doors. Clear all the ghouls in the area to move through the gold door.


WASD: shoot
Arrow keys: move
Space bar: pick up

To run:
Open in DosBOX and with the cycle rate at 16000.
Select "Simulate" when Game-Maker prompts for video configuration.

This was my first KotM game. Developed from scratch in four hours, using a Sega Master System palette that I threw together earlier. Design moved much more slowly than I intended! After four hours I capped it off and called it done. Maybe I'll pick this up again someday.

EJR Tairne
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Run Around And Kill Everything!


[UPDATE: I created a post-compo version with sound effects, music, and a lot less enemies! ]

Use your mouse to make your character (the green rectangle) run around the screen. Avoid the many, many Enemies (the red rectangles) - they will kill you if they touch you!

Click the left mouse button to shoot bullets (the pink rectangles) in the direction that you are moving. Bullets will kill Enemies they touch, and can kill many Enemies in a straight line! The faster your character is moving, the faster the bullets will fly!

Now Run Around And Kill Everything!!!

(This game requires that you have the Silverlight 2 web browser plug-in installed on your computer. This is a free, quick download from Microsoft).


This is my first ever entry into the Klik of the Month Klub.
I discovered (too late!) that because I have Windows 7 64-bit, I can not use the Klik N Play tool. Instead I made a game in Silverlight. Original version done in 90 minutes in time for the 2am (London time) deadline. Final version done 45 minutes later.

Here is my work log (in London time, so 00:00 midnight is 4pm Pacific time) :

00:18 Got home from party, and downloaded Klik & Play.
00:27 Searched for info on running KNP on 64-bit Windows. Found it will take hours to resolve. Looked for alternatives.
00:35 Decided to make a Silverlight game in 90 minutes! Made a copy of the barebones Engine2D_Test solution.
01:05 Player rectangle follows mouse cursor smoothly. Other rectangles follow player smoothly.
01:45 Enemies and bullets! Home stretch!
02:00 Submitted a few revisions of the game.
02:15 Submitted a few screenshots. Changed the game name to "Run Around And Kill Everything!". Added more tags.
02:40 Final refinements to gameplay completed, and game resubmitted.

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You are trapped at the edge of the galaxy, beseiged by enemy ships.
Your weapons are more than adequate for this, but your guidance systems have been damaged.
The slightest touch could send your ship careening out of control!

Designed for 360 controller dual-analog sticks.
WASD + IJKL also works.
R to reset, ESC to exit.

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Alien Eater

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 01.14.50.png

Still horribly broken.
For now, just shoot the aliens in an awkward way.
More to come (I hope :P)

Federico Fasce
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Break the Lasers


An attempt to make a Robotron clone to familiarize myself with Game Maker and get a feel for the 2-hour-jam format. Successful in that I'm now a lot better with Game Maker and like the format.

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the kid and the kid: teal alert


An experiment in asymmetrical co-op. Originally made for the 0h game jam, I spent another 45 minutes clearing up the most egregious playability issues.

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Pat the Phat Jetpack Cat!



A twin-stick bullet hell shooter sequenced to music! It's just like being in a music video!

* 100 points for enemies!
* If an enemy touches an explosion, it will explode too, setting off a chain reaction! This awards a bonus 100 for each explosion!
* Explosions will also destroy fireballs! 10 points for every fireball destroyed!
* -500 points for getting hit!

You can't die! Instead, the aim is to earn as many points as you can before the song ends (the green bar at the bottom represents song length). Try not to get hit! That tip's for free!

SUPPORTS XBOX GAMEPADS! WOW! Keyboard controls are the arrow keys and WASD.

Music: Goodmorning Sun by Qua (
Music used without permission, go buy his stuff so he doesn't sue (also it's rad).

The .NET Framework 4.0 Redistributable and the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh are required to play.

Hulk Handsome
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