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CyberMountain: Mole Missions: Chapter One: ENTRY LEVEL REPORT


A limp glimp' into the Post TV Vaccum Schizoid Limited Time Space. Open the eyes. Additional missions are "In The Mail."
This is a techemo introduction to a world and author momentum tipper. Getting a grip, getting life back.

Arrow Keys and eventually the Mouse are used.

"I had a few space hours to let creativity wander and craft a stream of thought into a few playable things."

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My Smoking Addiction


I am having a rough time quitting cigarettes.
Click SMOKE to give in to the urge to SMOKE.
Click DON'T SMOKE to choose not to right now and stay an non smoking ex smoker. You will have to make this choice. You can smoke again any time.
This is your last pack. You thought that last time.
One puff and you'll be SMOKING!

Click smoke until frustrated enough, then click WALK AWAY to break the game.

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Microbusero is a microbus driving minigame in which you get to crash cars, roll over pedestrians, pick up and drop off passengers and use the mighty La Cucaracha!

Cristian Cardenas and Mihael Grilec
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An event
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