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Taxi Breakout


Guide a taxi and use the small thing to break things.

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An event
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The Final Game For The Kart!1!!12


Ah,so this is it.
It was fun while it lasted,but now Pirate Kart V is over. :,C

For the last game,I made a fake 3D boss battle against Evilface.
Press Z to fire and X to launch a missile.

Also there is a big credits section thanking people at the end.

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An event
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Murder Thousands of Bees With a Giant Robot Mech


A game idea I had when I was 12 but didn't get to make a reality until today.

You are a giant robot mech. Your job is to disturb bee hives in order to kill thousands of bees. You do this by flailing your giant head with wild abandon. It's a SEA OF BEES!! TIDAL WAAAAVE!

Hold Space and the Left or Right Arrow Key to cause mass destruction. Note that for technical reasons you will not be able to murder more than close to ten thousand bees. But box2d will probably crash before that happens anyway.

"BZZT!" voice by SpindleyQ. Music by Torley.

Made For: 
An event
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