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one with nature


my second flickgame, made using a hack to allow dithering

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Pest Control 360°


A followup to my Batari Basic game Pest Control in Space. This time there's more bees, and the action is in 360 degrees! (Oops I rhymed)

Move the mouse left and right to move your ship along the perimeter. Hold the mouse button to fire. Destroy the hive and any remaining bees to progress to the next level. Hitting a bee with your ship will kill you. As you progress, the hive becomes larger, the bees spawn more frequently, and they descend more rapidly!

Press C to insert a credit, and S to start the game.

Also, if you stay on the title you can watch a little demonstration.

Update: Made a couple fixes. Redownload if you've already downloaded.

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Pest Control in Space


My first (last?) Batari Basic game.

You are Harry the Space Bug Exterminator. You know how to exterminate just about any intergalactic pest. You even have your own custom space ship for clearing out some of the more... problematic infestations, and no hive is too big for you to handle. Maybe.

Seems like the New Horizons Space Life Megacorporation just hired you to take a look at their bug problem. They claim that space station residents are mysteriously disappearing, and they suspect it has something to do with that giant space wasp nest that's been forming around the exterior. You don't like the look of it, but somebody's gotta try and take care of it.


- You can destroy the hive and bees more quickly the closer you get to them, but if you don't leave yourself at least some distance you'll put yourself in great danger.
- Don't try to fly to the right of any bees unless there's an emergency. Once they notice that they've passed you they will try to ram into you.
- Clearing out individual rows of the hive will make the bee spawn location more predictable. Use this to your advantage.

You'll probably want Stella to play this on. Or I guess you could get it running on a real Atari 2600.

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This Game Always Tells The Truth


A game for What Would Molydeux? / MolyJam 2012. Based on this tweet (spoilers).

Here, finally, is a game that will always give it to you straight! Expect to receive nothing but the truth in this refreshing game, where everything is as it seems.

Jeremy Penner
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Bee Man


My first RenPy. Mac/Win/Linux builds included. Kudos to PurpleChair for the idea.

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a blatant retread of "rotatin' rocket race" but with a bee.
I actually like the weird control scheme of this one a lot.

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Pirate Kart 2
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You are a frog with a short tongue. You need to jump and eat the files directly. But don't eat bees, that would hurt!

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Pirate Kart 2
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the bees! the bees! they're trying to steal your precious diamond. use your yoyo hammer of justice to fend them off - but bee warned for every one you kill two bees shall rise up to take its place

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Pirate Kart 2
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