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New York Smash

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A fighting game for two players (sharing a keyboard).
Made within 2 hours on Scratch.

Dorothy controls: WASD keys and e to punch
Jones controls: arrow keys and spacebar to punch

good times to be had

You'll need Scratch to play or play on the linked site

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Pirate Kart 2

Inspector Bones ALPHA

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Inspector Bones is a 'nu lo-fi, point and click adventure game made in Scratch, which I havnt finished. You play as the Flap Cap wearing inspector whose mother has been kidnapped in exchange for 5 bucks. you must gather this cash and you will meet many characters and do many illegal things. I hope you will find the game cheerfully depressing in some way.

you will need Scratch to play this, which is free and small to download. Click the green flag to play
also, on the map (in the drawer) dont click on the movie cinema, because I never finished coding that yet.

This was made in 2011 when I was depressed
It is inspired by the indie game Ben There Dan That


BoingFlip Interactive
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